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Septic Tank Troubleshooting in Summer

Summer Septic Tank Problems - landscaping

We’re well into the summer months now, and unfortunately summer can bring on a new set of challenges when it comes to septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and soakaways! We wrote recently about the importance of general summer septic tank maintenance in one of our latest blogs, and today we’re looking into how to troubleshoot some of your common summer septic tank problems. 

To learn more about how to remedy your septic tank problems in the summer, carry on reading this article!

Summer Septic Tank Smells

With increased temperatures in the summertime, the heat can sometimes exacerbate an existing problem. Simply put, if your septic tank smells, it’s likely to be heightened by the summer heat and leaving you in an unpleasant situation. 

Due to the nature of septic tanks and sewage treatment systems, you’d expect foul smells to be a given, but in reality they should be infrequent and often signify a deeper-rooted problem with your septic system. This can sometimes present itself through an unwanted smell within your home through your drains, or even at the site where your septic tank has been installed. 

You should not ignore septic tank smells, and the best course of action is to speak to a drainage professional who can diagnose the issue, be it through a CCTV drain survey or a septic tank inspection for example. They will then tell you what the best solution is to your issue, and you’re on your way to having a smell-free septic tank summer!

Fixing Drain Blockages

Another very common problem which arises during the summer months is drain blockages, which causes your septic system to backup and not function as it is intended to. There are a variety of reasons why drain blockages may crop up more than usual in summer, including increased people in your home and the possibility of more non-biodegradable products being flushed through your septic system. 

As we have mentioned before, non-compatible products can include grease, makeup wipes, chemicals, sanitary products, hair and many more. Flushing these products can have a detrimental effect on the workings of your septic system, including drain blockages. Such blockages prevent the wastewater flowing through the system as it should, and causes an inconvenient build-up of materials within your tank/system. 

Fixing your blocked drains is essential for the overall health of your system, and neglecting to do so will only worsen the problems you are experiencing! Our drain maintenance and servicing can help you keep on top of your pipe health – a vital part of ensuring your system works as it should.

Effects of Landscaping

Leading up to summer, when the sun starts shining again (finally), many will get their gardening gloves on and get to work. What many people do not realise however, is that landscaping can sometimes have a negative effect on your sewage treatment plant and can potentially cause unwanted issues. 

Most commonly, tree or shrub roots can enter a crack in a septic tank pipe and can actually create a huge blockage in your system. While you may think ‘out of sight, out of mind’, it is essential to consider how your planting activities may affect your tank underground. 

If you are planning some major landscaping within your home, it’s important to enlist the help of sewage treatment specialists to inspect the condition of your septic tank pipes before your landscaping begins. In doing so, you will have peace of mind that your septic tank is in a suitable condition, and you’ll be preventing some potentially expensive fixes in the future.

Need Some Summer Septic Tank Help?

At Proseptic, we’re no stranger to all sorts of septic tank problems, so we’re here to troubleshoot any summer-related issues you may have. From CCTV drain surveys, to maintenance and servicing, to septic tank inspections and more, we can help you get your sewage treatment plant back on track. We offer an emergency callouts service for immediate issues, or you can simply contact us today to find out more!

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