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How long will a mini sewage treatment plant last?

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

If you live in the beautiful, rural English countryside chances are you are utilising a wastewater system which is not connected to the main drainage system of your area. Instead, your drainage system may include a mini sewage treatment plant to drain away wastewater from your property. If you are looking to install a new mini sewage treatment or are just curious of the lifespan of these drainage solutions, keep on reading.

What is a mini sewage treatment plant?

As the name suggests, these wastewater systems are smaller, more compact versions of larger plants making them ideal for domestic use. The job of the sewage treatment plant is to treat the wastewater which flows through the plant to remove any impurities. This stage is essential to stop wastewater pollution entering local watercourses, as stressed in the General Binding Rules. They are a popular replacement for a septic tank which does not have this filtration system built in.

The life expectancy of a mini sewage treatment plant

How long your mini sewage treatment plant will last depends on a few different factors, however most systems have a life expectancy of between 40-50 years if cared for properly.

Firstly, although these differences will be minor, the make and model of your sewage treatment plant will affect how long it lasts. Plants provided by industry leading companies such as Marsh Industries, Kingspan Klargester and Tricel will have a longer life expectancy than other sewage treatment options on the market.

Secondly, the maintenance you carry on on your sewage treatment plant will greatly impact how long it lives. By taking good care of your sewage treatment plant and treating it with care will ensure your system lasts for decades. We recommend regular, scheduled maintenance to be carried out by professionals to keep your plant in the best condition possible.

Undertaking CCTV drain surveys is a great way to do this. Cameras are a great diagnostic tool we use here at Proseptic to discover what might have gone wrong post-problem. However, they can also be used to stop future problems occurring by highlighting small issues early on which can be fixed with ease and at a much lower cost.

Need help looking after your mini sewage treatment plant?

The experts at Proseptic are always ready to lend a hand when it comes to making the life expectancy of your mini sewage treatment plant as long as possible. Whether you need emergency call outs, drain unblocking, fixing cracked pipes, pipe linings or just need professional advice, we can help!

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