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The Importance of Septic Tank Maintenance During Summer

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As we move swiftly onto the sunny summer months, it’s no surprise that we’ll be spending much more time enjoying the outdoors (British weather permitting!) That being said, your septic tank or sewage treatment plant may be the last thing you’re thinking about amidst all the summer fun. 

In fact, summer can be a time where you need to pay the most attention to your drainage system, as heightened outdoor activity can lead to the build up of issues, possibly resulting in an unwanted mess. Read on to see why septic tank maintenance is crucial during the summer period!

Increased water usage

The typical household tends to increase their water usage over the summer months, whether it be for showers or drinking water. If your septic tank hasn’t been checked for a while, and is suddenly dealing with increased amounts of fluids, this has the potential to wreak havoc on your system such as overflowing or blockages. 

The best course of action is to keep on top of your septic tank maintenance, ensuring everything is working properly and that your summer water usage won’t pose a very expensive future problem. 

Potential planting problems

Everybody wants a nice outdoor area to relax in during the summer, that’s a given. Many households will take the warm weather as an opportunity to up their gardening game and plant more flowers, bushes, shrubs and more. Landscaping can often be a forgotten threat when it comes to the performance of your septic tank, with tree roots being a common issue for septic system functionality. 

We wrote recently about the damage tree roots can cause to your drainage system, noting that the root itself is not likely to crack pipes, but rather roots will enter a pre-existing crack and block the system internally. This is why regular septic tank maintenance is crucial, and can alert you to any damaged drains before they become a larger issue. 

Undertaking a CCTV drain survey can help diagnose any existing cracks and therefore prevent the build up of septic system problems before it becomes more serious, meaning you can plant in peace!

Look out for unpleasant odours

Unfortunately, summer weather can sometimes amplify unwanted odours. It’s important to be vigilant if you come across an unpleasant smell originating from your sewage treatment plant during the summer months, as it is a huge signifier that there may be a problem with your system. 

Whether it be a blockage caused by a build-up of non-biodegradable products such as grease, hygiene products, hair or chemicals for example, or cracked pipes not disposing of waste properly, there are several ways your tank could be producing a foul smell. Regular servicing and maintenance of your sewage treatment plant can help to spot any risks before they develop into hazards. Don’t let it fester and ruin your garden party. 

Read our previous article which discusses reasons why your septic tank smells here!

Wanting to get your septic tank summer ready?

There’s still time to get your septic tank maintenance well and truly underway before we get into the middle of the summer season. It’s extremely important to ensure your sewage treatment plant and septic system are regularly serviced to optimise the potential of your drainage system, and avert any expensive fixes which could be looming on the horizon. 

Not only are our experienced septic tank specialists ready to sort you out in the case of a septic tank emergency, we are also ready to discuss any questions you may have about maintaining your system during the summer months.We provide CCTV drain surveys, septic tank inspections, drain maintenance & servicing and much more to get your septic tank working efficiently. Get in touch today!

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