Proseptic and Kingspan Klargester

Proseptic only supply the highest quality drainage products to match the service we provide.

Kingspan klargester have been providing robust sewage treatment components for over 60 years and have a great reputation. We know that their products are always beyond exceptional and will live up to our high standards of customer service and quality. See which Kingspan sewage treatment products we supply and install below, or contact us for more information.

kingspan klargester tanks and systems

Septic Tanks & Systems by Kingspan Klargester

Kingspan Klargester Grease Traps and Oil/Water Separators

These products are designed for both commercial and domestic properties and work to separate harmful chemicals and particles from the waste water. This means that water can be cleansed more efficiently and components which may be damaged by chemicals or indigestible solids will last longer.

Kingspan Klargester High Capacity Pumping Stations

The pumping stations created by Kingspan Klargester are available in a range of sizes to cover a variety of needs and capacities. Upon enquiry, one of our knowledgeable engineers will be able to offer advice about which pumping station is the best suited to your needs and property.

Kingspan Klargester Reed Beds

Reed beds incorporate natural filtering into a sewage treatment plant. The combination of treatment and natural filter system enhances the quality of the drained effluent to exceed the new legal standards.

Kingspan Klargester Septic Tanks

Kingspan Klargester have created some of the most efficient and powerful septic tank systems in the industry. From single dwellings to commercial properties, there is a septic tank suitable to each property.

Kingspan Klargester Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants – likely to see a rise in popularity thanks to new legislation – are complete systems which cleanse effluent to almost drinking water standards (do not drink it, though).

If you are unsure which product you need, please contact our team who will be more than happy to help.