Proseptic and Marsh Industries

Proseptic only supply the highest quality drainage products. That is why we are proud to use Marsh Industries sewage treatment plants and septic tanks for first rate drainage products.

With a combined over 100 years of experience, the team at Marsh Industries are able to design and manufacture drainage products to an excellent standard. Marsh products have a proven efficiency as well as being environmentally sensitive and economic. In addition, Marsh septic tanks are fully compliant, created in line with all current building and environmental regulations. Take a look at the Marsh Industries septic tanks we install below.

Septic Tanks & Systems by Marsh Industries

Although we install a wide range of Marsh Industries septic tanks and sewage treatment products, we mainly install the Marsh Ensign septic tanks and the Uni Gem septic tank conversion unit. Read further detail about these products here.

Ensign: Standard™

Widely regarded as one of the most ‘efficient, reliable and economical systems’ available. The robust design of the Ensign: Standard is made to last and installation of these septic tanks is smooth and simple.

Shallow Ensign: Standard™

Benefiting from all the same design features as the Ensign: Standard, the Shallow Ensign septic tanks are just 1.6m in height, making installation even easier! These tanks are popular options when deeper excavations are needed for a standard size tank, to avoid unnecessary and costly unearthing.

Uni: Gem

The Marsh Uni: Gem is a septic tank converter. It sits neatly behind your existing septic tank to treat septic tank discharge. It allows this discharge to be safely released into a river or watercourse.

If you are unsure which product you need, please contact our team who will be more than happy to help.