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wpl septic tanks

Proseptic only supply the highest quality products to match the service we provide. We chose WPL septic tanks as they have over 25 years’ experience in creating high-quality products and are known internationally for their domestic and commercial treatment systems.

WPL’s mission statement is ‘Protecting the environment by delivering reliable wastewater solutions.’, a mission they back up with their four core values: Technical excellence, Customer focus, Partnership and Integrity. WPL also care passionately about the environment and act responsibly when creating products and components.

At Proseptic, we source products and components from businesses who share our values. We feel that WPL fully encompass our beliefs and standards.

WPL Drainage Systems

WPL High Water Table System

If you are building in an area with a high water table (HWT), you will need our HWT tank: Available on both Home and Garden packages in four tank sizes – 1500, 3000, 5000 and 7500 litres Tanks can be joined in series for higher capacity.

WPL HiPAF Compact Sewage Treatment Plants

A compact sewage treatment plant suitable for properties of any size. The HiPAF systems are available in a range of sizes, suitable for occupancies of 1 – 300 people and available in chemical-free and eco-friendly systems. Contact us to discuss which options are most suitable for your needs and property type.

WPL Septic Tanks for up to 6000 litres

A range of septic tanks are available in varying capacities to suit your needs. These septic tanks are robust and available in a variety of sizes. However, please note that septic tanks are becoming outdated and will soon fall below legal standards.

To find out more about WPL drainage systems, please contact our team.