About Our Experience

We are Proseptic: a professional, reliable sewage treatment company working across the South of England. With over 25 years of experience in the sewage treatment industry and a combined 60 years management experience, we strive to provide the best sewage treatment service to our customers.

About Our Customer Service

At Proseptic, our customers are more than a sales opportunity. Above all, we want to create drainage systems and provide components which will deliver quality, efficiency and minimal hassle. Therefore, we always focus our full attention on our customers and their needs. Throughout every survey, inspection and installation, we communicate with our customers to find out what their needs are and how we can help. For this reason, most of our work now comes from client referrals!

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The Proseptic Team

About Our Drainage Services

As a leading sewage treatment company, we deliver a whole hose of drainage services. These include; sewage treatment plant installations, soakaway installations and septic tank replacements. We also offer site surveys and inspections to help our customers.

All of our drainage services are complaint with the latest legislation.

About Our Sewage Treatment Equipment

We use the latest drainage technology such as CCTV inspections to get to the bottom of septic tank or soakaway problems. Therefore, this means we can deliver the best sewage treatment service to our customers.

We also only supply and install industry leading septic tanks and sewage treatment systems. Therefore, this ensures our customers are receiving the best in the business.

Our Expertise

We endeavour to explain all possible solutions to each customer so that they can feel confident and make an informed decision, armed with all the information available.

  • We record our CCTV investigations, to provide further understanding of issues and solutions and provide liaison services with companies and authorities where expert terminology and complicated questions may arise.
  • Everything we do is to make life simpler for our customers and we are proud of our customer service techniques and our relationships with clients.
  • Our CCTV footage can also be used when liaising with insurance companies, local authorities and estate agents/vendors.
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Meet the team

Hester Bennett

Hester Bennett

Managing Director

Tom Roach

Tom Roach

Commercial Director