Septic Tank and Soakaway evaluations across South England

With over 25 years in the industry and a combined 60 years of managerial experience, our teams are well-equipped to deliver expert septic tank evaluations.

We know that what we see on the surface does not tell us the full story. This is why we carry out comprehensive surveys of the entire drainage and sewerage system, including any adjoining systems and under-house piping.

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Septic Tank Evaluations FAQs

How do I know if I need a septic tank evaluation?

As septic tanks and sewage treatment systems are usually buried away from the house and are marked only by a manhole cover, they can tend to be forgotten about except during the annual emptying and maintenance visits.

However, when something goes wrong within the septic tank or sewage treatment system, it can cause health issues, structural damage. Plus, the ensuing odours and leakage may cause issues with neighbours. If you begin to notice saturated, wet or squishy ground surrounding the system, dead grass or unusually strong odours, it is time to call us to book an investigation.

Should I have a septic tank evaluation when buying a new home?

We offer new home buyer’s surveys to anybody purchasing a property with an independent sewage system. This is recommended for any new home owner.

For those people who have never experienced non-mains connected sewage systems, we can offer advice and put your mind at rest about any concerns you may have. We understand that these systems are not part of everyday life for many people and the sudden responsibility can even hold people back from buying their dream property.

What is the process of septic tank evaluations?

Your Enquiry
When we receive your phone call or e-mail, our engineers will arrange a convenient time to visit your property.

Our Site Visit
During the visit, our engineers will thoroughly inspect the system, including any adjoining pipework and will diagnose any issues.

Our engineers are equipped with powerful cleaning supplies and CCTV, which allows them to clear the pipes to diagnose problems, as well as capturing the inspection and diagnostics footage to show to property owners and insurance companies if needed.

One of the things that sets us apart from other companies is our immediate availability. If we notice a problem that we are equipped to deal with then and there, we will offer to do so, sparing you from bigger problems later.

During our visit we will explain our finding and offer free, no obligation advice on how the property owner should proceed. We will also explain the range of solutions, taking into consideration all factors, budgets and individual circumstances.

Report and Quotation
If you wish to receive a quote, we will provide a full and complete document covering every aspect of the works and all-encompassing costs.

The Work Is Carried Out
We carry out all work to a professional, reliable standard. Once the installation, repairs or replacements are complete, we provide a customer pack. This includes our 2 year ground works guarantee, all manufacturer’s instructions and warranties and an optional 5-year maintenance contract.

Benefits of Proseptic

No obligation septic tank advice

  • If you are have any questions about septic tank evaluations please get in touch. Our friendly, expert team are always happy to share our expertise to help you make the right decisions.

Fitted by expert engineers

  • Septic tank surveys, inspections, installations and on-going maintenance are carried out by our team of highly experienced engineers. We pride ourselves on our customer service which is why most of our work actually comes from client referrals.

What you can expect from Proseptic

  • Our customers are more than a sales opportunity. We want your sewage treatment system to work for you. Therefore, we deliver all septic tank evaluations and any system installations with longevity, quality and efficiency with minimal hassle.
  • We endeavour to explain all sewage treatment options to you. Therefore you can feel confident and make an informed decision, armed with all the information available.