Your Commercial Sewage Treatment System and ESG Goals

A Commercial Sewage Treatment System Can Help Achieve Business ESG Goals!

commercial sewage treatment system for business ESG goals

If your business’ premises are not connected to local wastewater systems, it is likely they require their own commercial sewage treatment system, be it a septic tank, sewage treatment plant or a cesspit. But, did you know that choosing the correct sewage system can actually help your business meet any ESG goals which are in place?

What are ESG goals?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance and encompasses a range of business objectives which help to ensure your business is not negatively impacting the environment or society.

The key element of ESG goals is that they are rooted in not-for-profit ideals, meaning they should not be profit-making in nature. Instead, they should look to wider society and the environment to see how your business can have a positive impact.


As the name suggests, environmental goals relate to a business reducing their impact on the environment. It may include adhering to policies and legislation, preserving natural resources or reducing the amount of waste they produce.


Social seeks to improve a businesses relationship with internal and external stakeholders. For example, does the business partake in any charity work or give back to the local community? Do they value employee well-being and do they communicate with customers ethically and without deceit?


Finally, governance establishes good internal practices regarding integrity and diversity or transparent accounting, for example. Having good governance within business goals can have a positive impact on other areas of the business and it can decrease unethical practices creating not just a competitive advantage but also encouraging other companies in the industry to follow suit. 

How a commercial sewage treatment system can meet these goals

As ESG goals rise in popularity within businesses of all sizes and in all industries, it is important not to overlook your sewage treatment system, as this can help you achieve all three aspects!


Naturally, a sewage treatment system from a reputable company that had been installed professionally can help reduce the amount of wastewater which enters the local waterways. In the UK there are a number of laws and regulations which dictate how a business should dispose of wastewater to reduce their impact on the local ecosystem.

For example, the recent General Binding Rules are a set of rules you must follow when using a sewage treatment system. In January of 2020, these were updated to state that all septic tanks must be replaced with sewage treatment plants and have a soakaway installed. Both of these aspects help reduce the impact on the environment.


Socially, having the correct system installed can improve relationships with your local community. When a sewage system is not lawful or installed incorrectly, the chance of overflows and blockages increases. By taking steps to protect your local area, you can build trust with the community you reside in. Internally, it can also help with employee morale and of course health and safety.


Finally, your business should ensure any permits you require for commercial septic systems are kept up to date and any metrics surrounding water treatment should be openly reported. These factors will keep your business accountable for its production of wastewater. 

Looking for a new commercial sewage treatment system?

If you need professional advice regarding your businesses current or proposed new sewage treatment system, get in touch below. Our experts can talk you through relevant legislation and help you choose a new system which best fits your business’ requirements. 

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