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Damaged drainage system? Here is what you need to do

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Having a damaged drainage system can be stressful, especially if the damage was previously unknown and caused a number of issues. Knowing what to do when you are tackling damaged drains is key to the proper management of your drainage system and overall septic system.

Common causes of damaged drains

As drainage experts, servicing across the South of England, we see drains being damaged for a number of different reasons. From tree roots to cracked drains, there are a range of issues that can cause drainage issues. Below are some of the most common causes of drain damage.

Tree Roots

Tree roots become an issue for your drains when they enter the pipes and create a blockage. Although they do cause a great deal of damage once in the pipes, they often won’t damage the pipe itself. Rather, a root will enter the pipe through a pre-existing crack. This is why it is essential to carry out regular maintenance and surveys to spot any cracks early on, for example with CCTV drainage surveys.

Cracked Drains

As drainage systems age, they become more vulnerable to cracks and damage. The material used for your pipe will also determine how well the system holds over time so it is best to know the key strengths and weaknesses of your pipes to best prepare for any issues in the future. A crack in your pipes can mean that wastewater seeps into the soil which can cause larger issues such as pollution or the spread of diseases.

Inappropriate items

Finally, inappropriate items can get flushed down toilets and sinks often and cause blockages in your drains. Facial cleansing wipes, baby wipes, food fats and grease can all clog up your pipes and create an unwelcome smell in your home. This can be avoided by making sure only the appropriate items are entering your system, and everything else is correctly disposed of in waste bins.

How to tell if you have damaged drains

If you suspect that your drains are damaged, there are usually a few common signs that your system is not working as it should. We recommend looking out for bad smells coming from your pipes as this is usually the first sign that a blockage has occurred. In addition, if your toilets or sinks begin backing up into your home your drains are likely to need unblocking. To find out more about signs of damaged drains, read our blog here.

What to do in an emergency

If you have noticed some tell-tale signs of a damaged drainage system and need the issue fixed as soon as possible, get in touch with our experts. Our emergency drainage callout service means our Proseptic professionals are on hand 24/7, ready to help with any sudden problems with your drains. Book your emergency visit below.

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