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Fall In Love With Your Drainage System

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With Valentine’s Day upon us, love is well and truly in the air. But, this year we think it’s time you showed some tender loving care to your drainage system. Read on to find out how…

Think Before You Flush

Most of us don’t think about what goes down our drains; after all, it’s hardly a pleasant thought. But, the biggest show of love you can give your drainage system is to watch what you flush.

Flushing items such as kitchen roll, wipes, sanitary products or nappies down your toilet can cause some pretty nasty blockages in your drainage system. Likewise, oil or food down your sinks can also cause drainage issues. All of this could be costly to repair so do your drainage system, and your wallet, a favour and think before you flush!

For more information on items that you should avoid flushing, read our blog.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Your drainage system, whether it be a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, will use bacteria to break down the waste.

Harsh products, such as household bleaches, can upset the bacteria in your septic tank and therefore cause it to stop working effectively. Therefore, avoid using harsh cleaning products when cleaning and instead opt for mild, eco-friendly products that won’t upset your system’s bacteria.

No Parking

Driving or parking over a septic tank or sewage treatment plant can cause problems with the system. And, while you as homeowners may know this and therfore avoid parking over your drainage system, visitors to your property may not.

Therefore, we’d recommend placing a sign over or around your septic tank politely asking people not to park there. That way you can save your drainage system from any unwanted problems.

Show Your Drainage System Some TLC

Last but certainly not least, if you really want to show your drainage system some love make sure it is booked in for regular servicing and maintenance by our expert engineers.

Regular inspections, high pressure jetting and general maintenance can prevent serious problems developing with your drainage system and ensure everything is working as it should. Not only does this prevent problems with your septic tank, sewage treatment plant or soakaway, but, it also shows a little love to your wallet by avoiding costly repair bills in the future.

You can read more on the importance of drain maintenance here.

We hope our quick tips have shown you how to show some tender loving care to your drainage system. But, if you think your sewage treatment system is in need of a bit of professional help, contact our expert team who will be more than happy to help.

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