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Things you should never flush into a septic tank

never flush into your septic tank

This may seem like an obvious list, however, flushing some items down your septic tank can cause really nasty and costly problems with your drainage. And, you’d be surprised the things we find buried in people’s septic tanks during investigations! So we’re running through a list of things you should never flush into a septic tank to keep it running smoothly.

Kitchen roll

Kitchen is considerably thicker than toilet roll and is a lot more difficult to break down. Therefore, it can easily block up your septic tank and should not be flushed down your toilet.

Grease and fat

Don’t forget it isn’t just deposits from your toilet that end up in your septic tank: there’s also your sinks to think about.

Grease and fats can wreak havoc with your septic tank and soakaway by clogging up the pipework and causing blockages with your waste. Therefore, avoid pouring grease, fat and other food items down your kitchen sink.

Wet wipes

One of the most common perpetrators of blocked drains are wet wipes. Whether it’s make up wipes, baby wipes or antibacterial wipes, they do not disintegrate and instead clump together blocking septic tanks and drains.

Even wipes that claim to be ‘biodegradable’ or ‘flush-able’ should not be disposed of down the loo and should instead go in the bin.

Nappies and sanitary products

Nappies and sanitary products should never be flushed down your toilet. It’s best to bag and bin them to avoid a nasty blockage in your sewage treatment system.

Cotton buds

They may be small but cotton buds can create a mighty mess if flushed into your septic tank.

Made from plastic, cotton buds are not biodegradable and can therefore cause blockages. Plus, the stick shape can easily get wedged in the mechanics of our system causing failures.

Cleaning Products

We know everyone wants a clean loo and sink. However, using strong chemicals such as those found in antibacterial products can kill the ‘good’ bacteria that is found in your drainage system therefore causing it to fail.


If you’re tackling a bit of DIY, please try and wash your paint brushes outside. Although the kitchen sink may be an easier option, paints and the chemicals inside them can mess with the treatment process of your septic tank.

By not flushing these items down your toilet or washing them down the sink you can avoid damaging your septic tank and prevent extra expense and maintenance. However, if you do have a problem with your drainage system please contact Proseptic as soon as you notice any issues. Our team can carry out a no obligation investigation to help you get to the bottom of your problem and advise on any repairs.

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