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The Importance of Drainage Maintenance

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We know that taking out drainage maintenance contracts or booking in regular drainage services can sometimes seem like a cumbersome, expensive chore that you’d be better off without. But, regular drainage maintenance is actually incredibly important. Here, we’re taking a look at why…

Prevent Sewage Treatment Issues

None of us like to think about problems with our drainage system. However, sadly they do happen. Regular maintenance of your septic tank, sewage treatment plant or soakaway can prevent issues occurring, and who doesn’t want that, right?!

Detect Issues

Although regular maintenance helps to prevent problems before they become an issue, sadly some problems may have already started to occur. However, using our CCTV equipment we can detect any issues with your drainage system when we visit for our regular surveys and inspections. The earlier these issues are detected, the quicker they are resolved and the less they cost!

Reduce Emergency Callouts

As maintenance helps to reduce serious sewage treatment problems this in turn reduces the need for emergency callouts.

The need for an emergency callout will understandably cause panic and worry for many reasons. Firstly, the drainage problems that warrant an emergency callout, such as overflowing toilets and blocked septic tanks, are far from pleasant to experience and can cause extensive damage to your property. Secondly, although we try to fit in at a time that is suitable for you, emergencies are never convenient. Severe drainage emergencies may mean you taking time off work or inconveniencing other plans: not ideal.

Although we are proud to offer our emergency callout service and try to put our customers at ease when emergencies occur, we would recommend booking regular servicing to prevent emergencies occurring.

Save Money

We know that taking out a regular maintenance contract may seem like a lot of expense, especially if you have just had your sewage treatment plant installed. However, paying for regular maintenance can help to save you money on costly repairs and emergency call outs further down the line.

If you take a maintenance contract out with Proseptic, you’ll get all maintenance and drainage surveys included making it well worth the investment.

Keep Up To Date With The Latest Regulations

Septic tank regulations recently changed meaning that septic tanks can no longer drain into a watercourse. Sewage treatment regulation changes such as this can often be confusing and worrying for homeowners. However, during our regular maintenance visits, our expert engineers will be able to alert you of any upcoming regulation changes, give you advice on whether your drainage system complies, and, if not how they can help you to comply. Therefore taking any stress out of drainage regulations and keeping you compliant, a factor that also saves you time, stress and money in the long run!

To find out more about our maintenance service, or to book in for a drainage service, please contact our team.

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