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Septic Tank Accidental Damage

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When anything breaks in your house it causes none stop worry until it’s fixed. And, when it’s your sewage treatment system that breaks that worry is intensified as we all know the unsightly mess they can cause when problems arise.

No matter the problem, it’s always helpful to have your household appliances covered on your home insurance. So in this blog we’re running through how to make sure your sewage treatment plant is covered by your home insurance by a little clause called septic tank accidental damage.

Septic Tank Accidental Damage

Accidental damage does what it says on the tin: covers you for accidental damage to your home. This can vary from a smashed window to a clogged up sink. However, things can get a bit confusing when it comes to septic tank accidental damage.

Some insurance policies automatically include drainage systems under accidental damage. However, some, albeit sneakily, don’t cover this. This can result in confusion, and unwanted expense, if a problem arises and your insurance company say you aren’t covered. So, what should you d?

How to make sure your insurance covers sewage treatment problems?

If you have a sewage treatment system installed it’s well worth phoning your insurance company to check if your policy covers damage to this. If not, it may be worth adding on as an extra to ensure you’re covered should a problem occur. It may cost you a few extra pounds to add this cover but it will be well worth it in the long run should you find a serious problem.

At Proseptic, we work alongside leading drainage insurance company UKDP to help homeowners resolve sewage treatment issues through their home insurance. If you want to find out more, please contact a member of our team. And in the meantime, get checking your home insurance policy to check you’re covered for any drainage issues.

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