Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment: Is It Possible?

As more of us look to do our bit for the environment, we often get asked about eco-friendly sewage treatment. So, we thought we’d let you know how we help our customers achieve eco-friendly sewage treatment.

2020 Septic Tank Regulations

In line with new regulations brought in in January 2020, it is now illegal for your septic tank to discharge straight into a waterway. This was previously one of the reasons why septic tanks got a bad name. By discharging untreated waste septic tanks were massively polluting the areas around them. Therefore, by reducing the discharge of harmful waste and chemicals that are released into watercourses with these regulations, sewage treatment has become a lot more eco-friendly in recent years.

Ever since these new septic tank regulations were announced back in 2015, we have ensured that all of our customers’ drainage systems are fully compliant with the legislation and are therefore running eco-friendly sewage treatment systems.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage treatment plants purify household waste thoroughly, eventually emitting almost clean water. Therefore, they are considered a more environmentally friendly sewage treatment option than septic tanks as they emit clean water that will not contaminate water courses. This is why therefore, they are fast becoming a preferred method of drainage, and why, at Proseptic, we specialise in the installation of sewage treatment plants to ensure full drainage compliance and the most eco-friendly sewage treatment method.

Retro Fit Septic Tanks

We know that sometimes a full replacement of your septic tank is not always ideal. Therefore, we offer retro fit or conversion septic tanks which modify or convert septic tanks to ensure that they comply with the latest regulations, are safe and are environmentally friendly.

If you’re concerned your existing septic tank is breaching the current regulations, or are concerned about its environmental impact, please contact our team. We can conduct a site visit and advise you on an eco-friendly, compliant sewage treatment method for your property.

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