Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment

Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial sewage treatment, here at Proseptic we offer a range of eco-friendly sewage treatment solutions to ensure that your drainage system is not only working at its best for your property but also the planet.

Compliant and Eco-Friendly Sewage Treatment

The General Binding Rules contain legislation that you must follow if you have off mains drainage. These rules are in place in order to protect the environment and ensure the safe operation of sewage treatment systems for both the general public and the environment.

As of 2020, the General Binding Rules state that sewage treatment systems must not, under any circumstances, drain into an open watercourse. Instead, properties must use a septic tank or sewage treatment plant to treat sewage and then discharge the effluent (treated sewage) to ground via a drainage field.

These regulations ensure that sewage treatment systems are not negatively impacting the environment. At Proseptic, we follow all of the latest regulations and install all drainage systems to British Standards so you can rest assured that your sewage treatment system is as eco-friendly as possible.

Leading Products We Use

At Proseptic, we carefully choose products and suppliers who fit with our mission to provide high quality, compliant sewage treatment systems. By using these leading suppliers, you know that all products installed by us are not only compliant but use the latest technology to delivery the most advanced, eco-friendly sewage treatment possible.

How Can I Keep My Sewage Treatment System Eco-Friendly?

First things first, it’s important to use a leading off mains drains specialist like Proseptic who comply with the General Binding Rules and deliver the most advanced sewage treatment possible. That way you know your drainage system is working efficiently for your home and the environment.

Secondly, it is important to carry out regular maintenance of your drainage system to prevent any issues arising. Problems with your septic tanks, sewage treatment plant or soakaway could cause untreated effluent to leak into watercourses or the surrounding areas, a factor that is not only non compliant but also incredibly harmful to the environment. Likewise, other drainage problems can cause negative impacts on the surrounding environment so getting these checked out as soon as possible by a professional company is vital to maintaining an eco-friendly sewage treatment system.

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Benefits of Proseptic

No obligation drainage systems advice

  • If you have any questions about septic tanks or are unsure if your existing system meets the latest regulations, please get in touch. Our team are always happy to share our expertise to help you make the right decisions.

Fitted by expert engineers

  • Drainage system surveys, inspections, installations and on-going maintenance are carried out by our team of highly experienced engineers. We pride ourselves on our customer service which is why we have so many returning customers.

What to expect from Proseptic

  • Our customers are more than a sales opportunity. We want your sewage treatment system to work for you. Therefore, we deliver all drainage systems with longevity, quality and efficiency with minimal hassle.
  • We endeavour to explain all drainage options to you. Therefore you can feel confident and make an informed decision, armed with all the information available.