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Blocked or Damaged Drains? Here’s how we can help…

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There’s not much that’s more panic inducing than blocked or damaged drains. But, at Proseptic, we’re here to take a little of the panic away and show you how we can help if your drains become blocked, damaged or cracked.

What Are The Signs Of Damaged Drains?

First things first, it’s important you know the signs of blocked or damaged drains as early detection can save you a lot of time and extra damage.

We’ve listed the most frequent signs of damaged or blocked drains below, but, the list is far from exhaustive. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your drains, septic tank, soakaway or sewage treatment plant, contact our team and we can help.

  • Foul smelling drains, including toilets, sinks and your septic tank or soakaway
  • Boggy ground around your drainage system
  • Gurgling drains or toilets
  • Slow draining or blocked plugs or toilets
  • Dips or bumps in the ground surrounding the septic tank
  • Unusual weeds or plants growing around the location of your drainage system
  • Waste flowing back into the property
  • Dark spots of grass in the area
  • Dead or unhealthy grass in the area
  • Your septic tank needing emptying more frequently

What to do if you notice drainage problems?

As soon as you notice any problems with your drainage system, such as damaged or blocked drains, it’s critical you contact the experts at Proseptic.

Leaving the problem unresolved can lead to further damage to your property and drainage system as well as quite a hefty bill. And, while we’re on the subject, please don’t try and resolve the issue yourself. Drainage systems are complex and should only be maintained and serviced by a qualified expert, otherwise further damage could occur.

How will Proseptic repair damaged drains?

Of course, every drainage system and their problems are different and therefore will require different maintenance and repairs. However, one thing we can always guarantee is that our engineers will carry out a comprehensive investigation of your drainage system to resolve the blockage or damage.

We provide expert CCTV inspections that enable us to get to the root of the problem with minimal disruption to your drainage system and the surrounding area. This advanced technology also enables us to view hard to reach areas of your drains, therefore ensuring that we spot every possible obstruction or problem that would otherwise be missed with quick surveys. Our CCTV surveys also allow us to show our customers their drainage issue, therefore offering full transparency and helping to put our customers at ease.

Following our comprehensive surveys we can then offer the best possible resolution to your problem and conduct repairs to the highest possible standard and compliance to get your drains flowing again.

If you’re concerned about blocked or damaged drains, then please contact our team. We can offer emergency call outs to help you get out of a mess as quickly and safely as possible.

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