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A Commercial Sewage Treatment System Can Help Achieve Business ESG Goals!

If your business’ premises are not connected to local wastewater systems, it is likely they require their own commercial sewage treatment system, be it a septic tank, sewage treatment plant or a cesspit. But, did you know that choosing the correct sewage system can actually help your business meet any ESG goals which are in […]

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When Is A Percolation Test Needed?

While you may have heard of a percolation test, it can sometimes be tricky to know when one is required. Percolation tests are undertaken at properties to determine what size of drainage field, like a soakaway system for example, is needed for installation.  There are a number of important things to consider when you need […]

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Does a sewage treatment plant need a soakaway?

When it comes to defining the differences between septic tanks and sewage treatment plants, some are more fundamental than others. And one of the clearest distinctions for UK properties is the requirement (or not) for a soakaway. A soakaway is typically a sizeable pit dug and filled with rubble, aggregates or other materials and acts […]

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