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What is a CCTV drain survey?

cctv drain inspections

It is important that drainpipes are checked regularly in order to catch any potential problems before they develop into significant issues. Damaged drainpipes can result in costly repairs for homeowners, so it is important to catch the problems early.

If your drainpipes have been displaying signs of potential problems, such as blocked sinks, baths, or showers, or emitting foul odours, then it may be time for a CCTV drain survey. To understand the full extent of any drainage issues you may be having, it is important that we take a look inside your drainage pipes to assess the conditions. In order to do this, we use drainage CCTV.

Advantages of a CCTV Drain Survey?

As drains are often hidden away and difficult to reach, CCTV drain surveys provide an alternative to excavating the ground around your drain pipes in search of potential problems.

CCTV is a cost-effective way of inspecting drains and septic tanks as it provides the engineer with high-quality images which then allows him/her to assess the condition of your pipes with minimal disruption.

Engineers simply insert a waterproof camera into your drain pipes and push it through your system using rods to search for problems such as hairline cracks, blockages, collapsed sections, displaced joints, corrosion and even pest infestations.

Once we have diagnosed the problem, we are able to stream and replay the footage to show the customer the issue and its location. We also provide a diagnostic report with suggestions on how to resolve the issue, alongside a quotation. We believe that using CCTV allows us to be transparent with our customers, eliminating the mistrust that many people have in contractors.

CCTV Surveys and Insurance

An additional benefit of CCTV surveys is that it allows homeowners to show the video footage which shows the problem to their insurance company.

This can be of great benefit when the problem is not deemed to be your fault, such as a buildup of baby wipes. If the footage highlights that the problem has been caused by ground movement, tree roots, and vehicle movement, and other extenuating factors that aren’t in your control, then your insurance should cover the damage. Our engineers are more than happy to justify the expenses to your insurers.

You can read more on CCTV drain surveys here or book a visit with our experts here.

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