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What can you expect from a septic tank inspection?

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A septic tank system will only begin to show signs of damage when it is too late. Identifying and repairing failing systems early ensures that homeowners aren’t forced to pay a large sum of money for replacing a septic tank, which can be thousands of pounds.  

It can be difficult for the untrained eye to tell if a septic tank is working correctly. There are certain signs that you should be aware of that would highlight problems with your septic tank, such as:

  • Unusually lush grass above your septic tank
  • Boggy patches of grass/earth around your septic tank area
  • Wastewater seeping to the surface resulting in foul odours
  •  Gurgling sounds from your pipes when running the water
  • If water is slowly draining away in your sink, bath, or shower

How often should I have my Septic Tank inspected?

The majority of septic tank problems are due to a lack of maintenance. To counteract this, it is important to have your septic tank inspected annually. If you are purchasing a property that has a septic tank, we would recommend that you get it inspected as soon as possible. Before you buy, look for evidence to show that the tank has been maintained and emptied regularly, in order to avoided footing the bill for the previous owner’s negligence.

What is involved in a septic tank inspection?

In order to inspect your septic tank, we ask that you have your tank emptied. Once your tank is emptied, it will give us a clear picture of the health of your tank and identify all the possible issues, including surface coating erosion and loss of material shape. Once we have established the condition of your tank, we will inspect the soakaway for any potential problems.

Throughout the inspection, our engineers use CCTV to record the well-being of your tank. We do this to highlight the locations and severity of the potential issues, thus, allowing us to provide you with a detailed report of any problems we have (or have not) discovered. Once we have made you aware of the issues, we will suggest the best solutions should your tank require any maintenance. An additional benefit of using CCTV footage is that it can be used to prove liability in cases should insurance companies get involved.

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