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The benefits of a CCTV drain survey

cctv drain survey

We have previously discussed why it’s advisable for new homebuyers to get a pre-purchase drain survey.

But the benefits of a CCTV drain survey, such as the peace-of-mind and potential cost savings, are of use to more than just people moving house.

Here are just some of the most prominent benefits you could experience from a CCTV drain survey.

A clear picture

A CCTV drain survey will help identify undiagnosed problems that, if not addressed, can develop into costly headaches.

These may include damage to pipes that are buried underground, not easily spotted otherwise.

And when it’s clear above ground that something is wrong, it’s by far the fastest way to get an accurate idea of what.

Less disruption

If you don’t know precisely whereabouts the problem is in the system, you don’t know which bit you need to work on.

Which means digging up sections until you get lucky or at best, intuition proves you right.

A CCTV drain survey removes all this uncertainty and needless disruption, so that only the relevant and affected areas need to be excavated.

Cost effective

It’s fairly obvious that if you can identify an issue sooner and more accurately, then the cost will be lower.

No needless hours spent speculating, no unnecessary equipment used and no inflated invoices as a result.

CCTV drain surveys allow speedier and more precise assessment and action, meaning your wallet won’t feel the impact as much.

Peace of mind

As highlighted above, a CCTV drain survey is ideal for prospective homebuyers to identify any unforeseen issues.

And because they’re not a legal requirement, in order to remove any worries, the onus is on you to arrange one.

By spotting cracks or any other damage before it becomes more serious, the surveyor can recommend the best course of action.

Avoid repeat visits

If you’ve ever called one out, you’ll already know that plumbers don’t come cheap.

And if you’re having issues with drains or appliances in your home that are causing repeated callouts, costs soon mount up.

To avoid this if possible, it’s worth checking that the problem isn’t caused by something outside your property, buried underground.

Want to arrange a CCTV drain survey?

Whether you’re buying a home, living in an older property with a dated system, or simply want to remove any uncertainty, a CCTV drain survey can help.

For a no obligation quote, or if you have any questions you’d like to ask, please ask about CCTV drain surveys today.

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