A homebuyers drainage survey is a key step before buying a home with an independent sewage system.

Before committing to a new property purchase, make sure everything is in working order with a home buyers drainage survey

Drainage Systems for Non-Mains Connected Properties

Are you considering buying a new home with an independent sewage and drainage system? At Proseptic, we know how daunting it can be to move from a mains-connected area to a property which comes with the added responsibility of a sewage treatment system. But we are here to reassure you that the home of your dreams should not be turned down solely due to being an effluent-independent property.

Home buyers looking at properties which are not connected to a mains sewage system may feel overwhelmed with the responsibility it brings. At Proseptic, we aim to reduce the anxiety that comes with purchasing an independently-maintained property and ensure that the drainage and sewage systems are installed correctly, in the condition described by the seller and ready for you to move in to your new home without worry.

Our main aim is to ensure that independent effluent management is not a reason for new home buyers to turn down their dream property.

The Importance of Home Buyers Drainage Surveys

Buying a new home is stressful enough, without worrying about the condition of the property’s drainage and effluent systemsNew home buyers should be able to move straight into a property which claims to have a fully working drainage systems which is in good condition.

Most property buyers are not qualified or experienced in drainage systems and may be unaware of potential issues or symptoms of problems, damage or blockages. The home buyers survey offered by Proseptic gives a detailed breakdown of the condition of the property’s drainage components, as well as reporting on the signs of potential issues which may require improvements or replacement in the future.

The home buyers survey checks that the drainage and sewage systems are in the condition the seller’s claim them to be. This includes checking all sewage treatment systems, pipework and drainage outlets to put new buyers minds at rest and to offer the opportunity to dispute any conditional descriptions which may be untrue or deceptive.

Home Buyers Drainage Surveys at Proseptic

Proseptic’s home buyer’s drainage surveys include;

  • A full investigation into the drainage and sewage treatment system to document the condition and any current or potentials issues.
  • Professional advice and a liaison service to ensure smooth communication between property buyers, estate agents and vendors.
  • Photographic documentation of manholes and drainage system investigation, to prove our claims and back-up any discrepancies between property descriptions and actual conditions.
  • Communication between buyers and local sewage companies to arrange the smooth scheduling of sewage system maintenance and emptying.
  • Estimated costs of measures required to conform to Environment Agency standards

This service is finalised with a full investigative report detailing our findings and any solutions which may be necessary in the future, including costings for available repair and replacement services.