Show Love To Your Septic Tank With Drain Servicing!

How To Show Love To Your Septic Tank

For Valentine’s Day a few years ago, we highlighted how you could ‘fall in love with your drainage system’.

But this February, we want to focus in particular on those of you with properties that rely on a septic tank.

By applying these straightforward drain maintenance TLC tactics, you can prevent potential problems all year round.

Show you care

Like Valentine’s Day, at least once a year your septic tank should get some special treatment. 

This could include professional drain servicing to ensure your system is kept in good working order.

Or you could opt for a CCTV drain survey, to check for any signs of damage or leaking.

Flush considerately

Remember to watch what you flush into your drains – there’s a lengthy list of things that shouldn’t end up in your septic tank.

This includes kitchen and food waste, plus several non-biodegradable items, all of which can stop your system working well.

If only human waste, toilet tissue and flushed water goes into your drains, the bacteria in your septic tank will function at their best.

Don’t smother your drain field

The drain field is the part of your septic tank that needs its space, so show it some love.

Keep it clear of plants with large roots and don’t drive or park vehicles over this area.

This simple act of superficial drain maintenance will mean you’re less likely to see any damage below the surface.

Let it all out

Your septic tank should need emptying on a semi-regular basis – certainly no less frequently than every five years.

This will help remove accumulated sludge and prevent blockages that could affect the operation of your system.

And a company that can combine the timing of your pumping out with other services like drain servicing, could save you money too. 

Don’t be too harsh

Avoid harmful chemicals ending up in your septic system, including those found in many acidic drain cleaners.

These can upset the important bacterial balance that is key to keeping your tank in good working order.

Scheduled professional drain maintenance should lessen the likelihood of you needing to resort to harsh chemicals to shift blockages.

Keep your septic tank happy

Like so many relationships, you’ll get back what you put in – not literally, in the case of septic tank maintenance, luckily!

But by taking time and care to give your system the attention it needs, you’ll be less likely to pay for costly repairs.

To talk to an understanding expert about CCTV drain surveys, or any other kind of drain maintenance, please contact us.

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