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Septic Tank Problem? – Need A Septic Tank Repair?

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Got a problem with your septic tank? Here at Proseptic we can carry out an inspection and a septic tank repair to help resolve the issue.

We know it is often difficult to realise you have a problem with your tank unless something usually unpleasant happens!

You may think the older your tank is the more likely it is to fail but this does not mean you must replace it which can be costly and messy. You may just need a septic tank repair! If you do need to replace your tank then Proseptic will provide you with the best alternative solutions. All septic tank systems are different and unless you know what system you have on your property; you will need to get advice from a professional.

The new 2020 septic tank regulations brought in January this year mean you will be responsible for any untreated waste which may leach into a watercourse. Apart from being environmentally damaging it would be unhealthy to have a damaged septic tank on your property.

Have you noticed any of these septic tank problems?

  • Perhaps you can detect an unpleasant smell near your septic tank?
  • Perhaps the ground around appears to be unusually damp?
  • Maybe your wastewater is not going down your sinks etc as swiftly as it should?
  • If your tank is buried underneath a lawn or grassed area you may notice the grass is unusually lush and green just around that area!
  • The worst scenario is that water and sewage from your property fails to drain at all and actually backs up into your house

These can all be signs that you mean you should investigate as soon as possible.

As with every household item occasionally things go wrong. Unfortunately, a septic tank can develop problems and unlike an electrical gadget in the home, you cannot just go out and quickly buy a new one. Additionally, the sort of problems you can get with your waste effluent system can present in very different ways. Consequently, if you think you need a septic tank repair it is best to call in an expert from Proseptic as soon as possible. The experts at Proseptic have been in the sewage business for 25 years and can provide you with a specialist inspection to diagnose your problem and give you the best cost-effective solutions.

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