Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems New 2020 Regulations

2020 New Regulations – Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems

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2020 brought with it new regulations concerning domestic sewage treatment systems. Regulations now require treating all waste liquid so that it is safe and clean enough to filter back into the ground or a waterway system.

Proseptic can provide these new domestic sewage treatment systems and help you with professional advice. It is not as complicated as you may think. However, you do need experts to come and check your present waste system, if you have already got a septic tank, to make sure it complies with new rules.

Why do you need to install a sewage treatment system?

In the past installing a septic tank was the traditionally accepted environmentally friendly system of disposing of waste if you could not reach a mains sewer system. These consist of a tank sunk into the ground where the solids sink to the bottom and the liquid flows out into ‘soakaways’ and goes back into the ground. Many of these systems are now failing.

Standard soakaway system

Septic tanks alone are now not acceptable and are not the most efficient way of handling waste, New house builders today are installing a domestic sewerage treatment plant’.

How sewage treatment works:

The plants basically work through 4 operations: within the tank, solid waste is broken down by bacteria and self-cleans, the water is then filtered into the liquid waste. It is then aerated by injecting compressed air into this liquid which generates bacteria. The bacteria then work to clear the effluent to an environmentally acceptable standard. A simple operation which achieves excellent results.

Some of us will have purchased a home with septic tank systems installed and have checked the certificate of installation and been satisfied that all is ok and the system drains into the ground. Depending on the age and type of tank will depend on whether or not it is still working safely and efficiently. Proseptic can visit and provide you with no-obligation advice on your present waste treatment system.

The new 2020 regulations came in place on January 7th and were issued from the government Environment Agency who have confronted this problem.

  • Basically, you need to know if your present system discharges liquid directly into a watercourse or discharges as surface water or goes to ground.
  • With the new rules – which are binding, if your system discharges into a watercourse you will need to install a small sewage treatment plant.
  • Many of the older installed septic tanks have ‘soakaways’ whereby liquid literally soaks away back into the ground. If this is your system you need to check that it is efficient and will comply with the new regulations. Only expert advice will help with this.
  • Buying a new home? What septic tank system will be best for you?

How do these new rules affect you and your waste treatment systems is a worry for many of us with environmental concern for the future? We may have already got septic tanks installed and which may have been there for many years and seemingly worked efficiently. We need to know exactly how to investigate and find solutions if needed, tailored to our waste disposal system. The only way to do this is to ask for expert help and advice from Proseptic. Get in touch for a friendly expert to visit you on-site.

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