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Septic Tank Legislation Changes: 12 Months On


Yes, it’s been a whole 12 months since septic tank legislation changed in January 2020 (time flies when you’re having fun, we guess), but, what are the current regulations regarding septic tanks and sewage treatment plants and what happens if you still aren’t compliant.

What Are The Current Septic Tank Regulations?

12 months since the new septic tank legislation came into force and we still have customers who are unsure or confused on the current regulations. So, a brief recap.

Since 2015, all newly installed drainage systems should not have discharged into an open watercourse. This means that newly installed systems should either be a sewage treatment plant or a septic tank with a safe and compliant soakaway or drainage field.

Then from January 2020, all drainage systems were banned from draining into an open watercourse. As such, all existing septic tanks that didn’t comply had to be replaced or converted by the January 2020 deadline. This means that no septic tank or sewage treatment plant should be draining into an open watercourse.

Why Was Change Needed?

When septic tanks discharge into watercourses, they release chemicals and potentially harmful bacteria into streams, rivers and the like. As such, it could cause damage to wildlife and their habitats. Therefore, change was brought in to prevent this and ensure all sewage treatment systems are as safe and eco-friendly as possible for homeowners and surrounding wildlife.

Worried Your Septic Tank Doesn’t Comply?

Most sites we visit now have a compliant drainage system. However, we still receive concerns from customers that are unsure if their septic tank complies with the latest legislation.

If you are concerned, the best thing you can do is contact our expert team. We can come out to your home and conduct a site survey and inform you instantly whether your drainage system is compliant. From here, we can then advise the best possible solution; usually a septic tank conversion or a replacement with a sewage treatment plant.

If you are unsure whether your septic tank is compliant it is best to act as soon as possible. This legislation is now law for UK homeowners and non compliance could result in a hefty fine from the Environment Agency.

For more information on septic tank legislation or to simply find out the best drainage system for your home, give our engineers a call on 01794 517 770.

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