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Retrofit Septic Tanks vs Septic Tank Replacements

Retro Fit Septic Tanks

Since the new General Binding Rules were introduced in January 2020, homeowners have had to ensure that their septic tank does not drain into an open watercourse. This has meant either opting for a retrofit septic tank or a full septic tank replacement. But, which is the better option for homeowners?

First things first, let’s take a look at the different options in detail.

Retrofit Septic Tanks

A retrofit septic tank, otherwise known as a septic tank conversion, is essentially a unit that upgrades your older, non-compliant septic system to a safe septic tank which is fully compliant with new regulations.

Retrofit septic tanks must be installed by a qualified drainage specialist to ensure they are installed correctly and are therefore compliant.

Full Septic Tank Replacement

A full septic tank replacement on the other hand, is, well, exactly what it says on the tin. Your septic tank is replaced by a more compliant method of sewage treatment such as sewage treatment plants.

Septic tank replacements are ideal for either resolving problems with a septic tank or removing a non compliant system.

Which Sewage Treatment Option Should I Choose?

Both retrofit septic tanks and septic tank replacements are ideal solutions for removing non-compliant septic tanks and ensuring complaint and safe sewage treatment.

However, septic tank replacements will be a better option if you are experiencing problems with your existing septic tank as well as questions around compliance. This way, you can effectively resolve any drainage issues and relax knowing your system is operating safely and compliantly.

If you are unsure whether a septic tank replacement or retro fit septic tank is best for you, contact the experts at Proseptic. We can visit your property, conduct a survey of your existing system and give reliable advice and recommendations based on your usage and property. We can also then install any drainage system to the highest possible standard.

For more information, give us a call on 01794 517 770. Alternatively, fill in the form below.

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