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Everything you need to know about septic tank installation for businesses

Compliant septic tank

When installing a sewage treatment system, be it a septic tank or otherwise, it is essential that the system is fully compliant. This is even more important when it comes to businesses and commercial sites, otherwise you could end up in a messy situation (literally)! So, with this in mind, here is everything you need to know about commercial sewage treatment plants and septic tank installation for business.

Compliant septic tank installation for business

Compliant septic tanks are essential for both domestic and commercial use, but a non-compliant septic tank installation for businesses could not only bring issues with your drainage system but also for your reputation. 

When it comes to septic tanks for commercial sites, the General Binding Rules apply as they do with domestic properties. In 2020, the legislation changed to stop wastewater being discharged into the surrounding environment if it had not been treated. This means that any older septic tanks depositing untreated wastewater directly to a surface water source (such as a river, coastal water or canal) are considered non-compliant and use of these septic tanks can result in hefty fines. Instead, a sewage treatment plant could be preferable as these plants treat waste before it is disposed of. On average, water expelled from a sewage treatment plant is 95% clean! 

In the current climate, most businesses are hyper-aware of the environmental impact they have and your sewage treatment is no different.

Investigating issues with commercial sewage treatment systems

If you run into problems with your sewage systems it is never pleasant but if your office block, for example, is reliant on the system it could provide a much larger issue. For this reason, it is recommended to have scheduled maintenance checks carried out by professionals. Even if there are no glaring issues, having your system checked regularly means if an issue occurs, you can get ahead of it, instead of letting it get worse. 

Here at Proseptic, we carry out CCTV drain surveys to diagnose issues and spot them before they happen. Using the latest cameras we can see a clear live stream of your systems and our experts are able to use this to recommend the best course of action going forward. 

The feed can be recorded and therefore can be used when claiming on your insurance or getting an insurance quote. They can also be used to prove liability with your local water company. 

Installing the correct size commercial drainage system

There are many factors that influence the size of the commercial sewage treatment system you require. In particular, the volume of wastewater that will need to be processed. The number of bathrooms and if you have a canteen or not will all impact this. You must identify all sources of wastewater to provide a final maximum usage, which will help determine the type of system you need and the size. If you are struggling to determine the business expectations of usage, we can help to ensure the correct size of commercial sewage treatment system is installed.

Want to know more about septic tank installation for business?

We have briefly covered the key areas you need to consider when installing or upgrading a commercial septic tank, but the installation process is unique to every commercial site. We can offer help and advice, as well as free quotes, for the installation of a range of commercial sewage treatment systems. Why not also enquire about our other drainage services for commercial properties, such as the CCTV surveys, soakaway installations or cesspits to ensure your full sewage treatment is running smoothly.

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