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Buying your first home in 2023? Don’t forget your home buyers drainage inspection!

home buyers drainage inspection

It is no secret that home buying comes with a whole host of complicated factors. Alongside many other aspects of purchasing your first home, one of these factors can include a home buyers drainage inspection. 

We are here to help you make an informed decision when it comes to sewage treatment systems to ensure you are not left in a mess (quite literally). To find out more about a home buyers drainage inspection, carry on reading.

What is a home buyers drainage inspection?

A home buyers drainage inspection, also known as a home buyers drainage survey, is an inspection which is carried out before the purchase of a property. The inspection has an in-depth focus on the drains which transport water and sewage away from the home, and must be done by professionals like ourselves. 

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a drainage inspection done before you purchase, it is strongly recommended to do so. Potential issues with drainage, pipework, your property’s structure and more can be identified as a result of this inspection and keeps you up to date with what may need urgent attention.

How is the home buyers drainage inspection undertaken?

Rather than digging up the garden of your dream home to conduct the inspection, we use state of the art CCTV equipment to carry out the survey. During the CCTV drain survey, we use our fantastic equipment to reach the depths of your drains without causing damage to your garden space. Inspecting the existing drains in this way ensures that we do not miss any drainage problems which may be present.

The use of CCTV footage is also a huge benefit where multiple different parties are involved in events like property sales. Having recorded footage which can be replayed to current homeowners, yourselves as prospective buyers, insurers, solicitors and more means you have reliable footage should any disputes arise.

What will drain surveyors be looking for during the inspection?

The key factors searched for when a home buyers drainage inspection is undertaken can be broken down into two sections, drainage problems and your drainage system. 

Drainage problems cover the following areas, including: 

  • Cracked and blocked pipes 
  • Tree root interference 
  • Pest infestations 
  • Poor pipe connections 
  • Any other faults in the drainage system. 

As well as the above drainage issues, an inspection will also review all the essential information about your drainage system, including: 

  • What type of drainage system is installed at the property 
  • How old the septic system is 
  • The condition of the sewage treatment system 

All of these factors combined are very important for you to find out pre-purchase, as failure to acknowledge this information could lead to you inheriting a septic system which is in need of costly septic tank repairs or septic tank replacements.

Is the home buyers drainage inspection part of the home buyers survey?

In most cases, drainage inspections are not usually part of the regular home buyers survey which potential buyers undertake pre-purchase. However, many mortgage providers may ask you to have a home buyers drainage inspection carried out as a condition of providing you with a mortgage. 

For home insurance purposes too, it is recommended to conduct the drainage inspection pre-purchase so you can pass all the relevant factors over to insurance companies if you need to take out a policy. Conducting this inspection pre-purchase ensures that any drainage issues are alerted to from the very beginning, and therefore giving you more chance to be covered by insurance.

How can Proseptic help with the home buyers drainage inspection?

Here at Proseptic, we have all the right things to ensure your drainage inspection is carried out to the highest possible standards. From expert drainage system knowledge, to brilliant survey equipment and to a professional and friendly team, we can help you undertake a home buyers drainage survey. 

We offer no obligation quotes and are always on hand to offer you advice to help you make an informed choice. We are here to make you feel confident about buying your first home, so if you’d like to get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help.

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