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The Benefits of High Pressure Jetting

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As part of our drainage maintenance and repairs service we offer high pressure jetting for drains, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Often, we get asked what exactly this entails and why it is beneficial to your sewage treatment system. So, in this blog we’re running through the benefits of high pressure jetting to hopefully answer all of your burning questions.

What Is High Pressure Jetting?

High pressure jetting is basically what it says on the tin: the use of high pressure water jets to clean and maintain drains, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

Although it may seem like a relatively straightforward procedure, high pressure jetting should always be carried out by a trained drainage professional as incorrect technique could damage your drainage system.

The Benefits of High Pressure Jetting

Just because high pressure jetting is a simple procedure doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. There are ample benefits of high pressure jetting some of which we’ll explore in more detail below.

Drain Cleaning

As you can imagine, given their job, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants and drainage systems can get pretty mucky. (We don’t think we have to say anymore on that matter!)

If drainage systems aren’t cleaned they can, as you would expect, start to smell pretty unpleasant. The combination of large amounts of water and high pressure helps to remove any sludge, limescale or grease that are present in your drainage pipework leaving them looking clean and smelling a lot fresher.

Drain Unblocking

Sadly, with septic tanks and sewage treatment plants debris can get lodged within the pipework and cause a blockage. In turn this causes other nasty problems such as toilets blocking or drains overflowing: not nice.

Following a CCTV drain inspection to get to locate the problem we can use high pressure jet washing to dislodge any stubborn debris or blockages. This will get your sewage treatment system back up and running again before further problems occur.

Drain Maintenance

Obviously, we would all like to avoid blockages such as those mentioned above. It goes without saying that regular cleaning of your drainage system helps to prevent problems before they occur by removing any sludge or debris that could potentially cause a blockage. This is just another benefit of high pressure jet washing and another reason why we recommend it to all of our customers.

Whether you require high pressure jetting as part of your regular maintenance contract or need your drains unblocking our team will deliver this service with professionalism and years of experience behind them. To find out more about the benefits of high pressure jetting, or to arrange a site visit, please contact our team.

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