Avoid Drain Problems This Spring With Drain Maintenance

Top Spring Drainage Problems And How To Fix Them

We’ve given advice in the past about how to prepare your septic tank for Autumn and Winter – but we’re now closing in on Spring.

And while this season should be about optimism and renewal – you may see drainage problems that need addressing.

If you encounter any of the following issues, take our advice to avoid further drain maintenance headaches.

Tree root damage

As nature gathers pace and plants grow faster than they did during the colder months, be aware of what happens underground.

Tree root ingress can cause blockages, which might even result in drains backing up into your home.

If you’re worried, arrange for a professional CCTV drain survey, in order to identify potential cracks or other pipework damage.

Downspout and gutter blockages

Think about the Autumn leaves, twigs and other debris that accumulated in your guttering and downspouts in the last few months.

When you see heavy rain in the coming weeks – not just occasional April showers – this could be a problem.

The inevitable blockages may cause water to overflow, instead of draining safely away.

And this excess water around your home could result in damage to your home, even eroding the foundations.

Luckily, it’s straightforward to avoid these issues by regularly cleaning your downspouts and gutters.

Investing in a gutter cover or screen is another relatively inexpensive drain maintenance tip too.

Backing up and pooling

That same rain can also affect the soil in your garden, including the areas over and around your septic tank or sewage treatment plant.

As the earth shifts and absorbs water, it can move and affect the pipes and sewer lines connected to your system.

From cracks or blockages to full collapses, stay alert to any signs of potential problems that may require attention.

Look out for water pooling on your outside property and slow draining indoors, as indicators that you may have a problem.

Inappropriate items in drains

You might have been vigilant in Unblocktober and the busy festive period – but stay mindful of what goes down the drain in Spring.

Avoid pouring kitchen fats and greases into your system and try to prevent human and pet hair from clogging your plugholes.

If you believe a blockage is being caused by something that shouldn’t be there, consider professional drain servicing.   

Keep your drains healthy in all seasons

In truth, these drainage problems aren’t restricted to this time of the year, even if they are often seen in Spring.

In order to avoid or at least identify them before they get more severe (and expensive), professional drain maintenance is key.

To talk with an experienced professional about arranging a CCTV survey or other drain servicing measures, please contact us.

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