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Will Rain Affect My Septic Tank, Soakaway or Sewage Treatment Plant?

rain affect septic tank

Winter is coming which means so are heavy downpours! During the winter months, one question we’re asked most frequently is, ‘will the rain affect my septic tank, soakaway or sewage treatment plant?’

Now, a little rain won’t damage your drainage system, but, excessive rain may cause problems to worsen or unearth previously undiscovered issues to light. With this in mind the best thing to do is prepare for the damper weather and therefore prevent problems occurring. For example, having your drainage system serviced and emptied regularly are simple yet effective ways to prepare your septic tank for the winter months and prevent issues. To find out more about our maintenance service, give us a call on 01794 517 770.

Sometimes, however, issues do arise following damper weather, and it’s always best to be prepared and ready to spot potential problems. So, read on to see how rain could affect your drainage system.

How Rain Can Affect Your Drainage System?

Drainage System Lifting Out The Ground

Now, before your imagination runs away with you, don’t expect to see your septic tank levitating round the garden, but, heavy rainfall can cause your drainage system to rise up slightly out of the ground by a few inches or feet depending on the severity of the problem. As such, the pipe connecting the septic tank or sewage system to your home splits, causing your household waste to spill into the septic tank’s hole or straight into the ground: not nice!

Boggy Ground

Boggy ground is a common sign that there’s a deeper problem with your drainage system. It can be hard to tell if boggy ground is simply a result of heavy rainfall or a drainage issue, therefore, we’d advise waiting until drier weather to see if the ground is still covered with boggy patches or if the problem dissipates when the rain stops.

If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our engineers who can assess whether there’s a problem with your septic tank.

Problems In The Home

Excessive rainfall doesn’t just cause problems with your septic tank outside. Another sign of septic tank damage from rainfall can be slow flushing toilets or gurgling drains. These can be a sign of a full or blocked septic tank and should be investigated by an expert straight away before the problem worsens.

What Should I Do If I Suspect A Drainage Problem?

If you suspect that excessive rain has damaged your septic tank, soakaway or sewage treatment system in any way then it’s vital that you contact an expert. Issues, however small, need to be investigated and resolved straight away to prevent further damage and expense.

Damage caused to your sewage treatment system by extreme weather may be covered under your buildings insurance. If we detect a problem on a site visit we can help you to contact your insurance company and help you deal with the claim from start to finish, removing the financial stress of drainage problems.

If you are concerned about any sewage treatment issues caused by rainfall or indeed other factors, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01794 517 770.

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