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Why you shouldn’t cut your drainage maintenance to save money

cut your drainage maintenance

While it’s important that you don’t overpay if you have a septic tank – no matter what drainage system you have, don’t neglect its maintenance to save money.

The phrase that’s everywhere at the moment: ‘cost of living crisis’, is leading many of us to look at ways to cut costs in our households and workplaces.

And while being more prudent is always a good idea, trying to cut your drainage maintenance will likely end up costing much more in the long run.

Why is drainage system maintenance important?

Anything will perform better if well looked after and kept in good working order.

And it’s also true of many things that failure to do so can hit you in the pocket ultimately.

Regular maintenance of your sewage treatment plant, septic tank or soakaway system is important to ensure its best performance.

But just as importantly, proper drainage care is recommended to catch problems early, before they become expensive to fix.

Find an experienced drainage maintenance provider that can put together a schedule and package to best suit your needs and budget.

How can I keep my drains healthy?

There are a few different steps that can be taken to try and ensure your drainage system stays in good working order.


This is one you can do yourself – firstly by avoiding putting anything you shouldn’t down your toilet.

And by staying on top of cleaning and keeping plugs free of obstruction buildups like hair or kitchen fats, you can help prevent future problems. 

Water jetting

High pressure water jetting is carried out by professionals and will remove many stubborn masses from the inside of your pipes.

This stops them growing to cause serious blockages, meaning water flows through your system more easily and efficiently.

CCTV drainage surveys

A CCTV drainage survey isn’t necessarily a ‘maintenance’ procedure itself, as it is usually used to identify the cause of an existing issue.

But it can provide clarity on any areas of your system that may become problematic in future.

This means that by addressing the concern before it becomes something bigger, you’ll be saving yourself larger bills down the line.

Want to talk drainage system maintenance?

As costs rise and uncertainty over so many financial aspects of daily life continues, reliability is more valuable than ever.

You can give yourself peace-of-mind when it comes to your drainage system by opting for a competitively priced maintenance schedule.

Talk about your requirements with a member of our helpful team or even arrange a no-obligation survey – please get in touch today.

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