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What type of drainage survey do I need?

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There are several different kinds of drainage surveys, with numerous businesses throughout the UK equipped to undertake them.

It’s important to ensure you choose the right option, to provide the protection you need against any unforeseen costs or even legal issues.

Detailed below are some of the most commonly sought-after types of drainage survey and when you may need them.

Homebuyer drainage survey

As the name suggests, a homebuyers drainage survey is an essential service for anyone looking to move house.

With the amount of stress and disruption involved in buying a new home, you don’t need additional hassle relating to drain maintenance.

But a homebuyer survey isn’t usually included in a standard pre-purchase property inspection, which means you may need to arrange one yourself.

The last thing you want is to complete the sale and then discover a costly problem that you’re left to clean up.

Homebuyer surveys mean peace-of-mind for you but also for the seller, who should be receptive if it speeds up their sale.

And you’ll gain comprehensive information about the age, condition and type of drainage system, for your own reference if required.

A homebuyer drainage survey is typically conducted with minimal disruption, using state-of-the-art CCTV equipment.

This means you’ll have a video record of the state of your system, should any insurers or solicitors need it – all without digging up your garden!

CCTV drain survey

The technology used for a homebuyer survey is also used for investigating a variety of drainage issues.

A CCTV drain survey is the most effective way to identify any damage to sewage pipes or septic tanks before they progress into anything more costly.

Obviously, the nature of underground pipes and drainage systems means that they’re not easily accessed or viable.

Which means that problems can be tough to detect – which is why CCTV drain surveys are ideal, accessing otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

And this relative lack of disruption and early identification of potential problems, means they’re a cost-effective solution across the board.

Septic tank insurance survey

If you’ve suffered a fault or damage to your septic tank or sewage treatment system, your home insurance may cover you.

Provided your policy doesn’t explicitly state that repairs or replacements aren’t covered, you could be spared a costly headache.

But you’ll need to provide evidence that your septic tank, sewage treatment plant or pipework was in correct working order beforehand.

This is where a septic tank insurance survey is invaluable, as it provides clarification of the state of your system prior to any incidents.

A relatively straightforward part of drain maintenance may save you a lot of money and reduce the risk of any insurance claim being rejected.

That’s why it’s advisable to have a survey carried out before taking out any home insurance policy.  

Ready to talk drainage surveys?

While these are just three of the most common examples of drainage surveys, the best way to learn which service you need is to speak to an expert.

Whether you have a septic tank, small sewage treatment plant or other type of system, specialist advice to suit your requirements is available.

To talk with an experienced professional about arranging a CCTV survey or other drain maintenance measure, please contact us.

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