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What is a small sewage treatment plant?

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

Put simply, a small sewage treatment plant is an installation that will help your property comply with the latest UK septic tank legislation.

It is a more sophisticated alternative to:

  • Conventional septic tanks, which typically have been in situ for several years or even decades.
  • Cesspits, which are enclosed systems that require regular emptying and are the owner’s responsibility

And should be installed following an onsite survey to determine whether a small sewage treatment plant is suitable for your needs.

How does a small sewage treatment plant work?

The system treats household or workplace waste and releases the resulting water which has been cleaned to a higher standard than a septic tank.

This means that the waste water can be discharged to either a drainage field or directly to a water course, up to a certain volume.  

The five cubic metres per day which is allowed is the equivalent to more than 30 people living at the property (or properties) served by the plant.

Any discharge amount greater than this requires a permit, as stated in the Government’s General Binding Rules.

Small sewage treatment plants are more compact but no less efficient in terms of performance than larger systems.

The effluent waste is separated, with solids being retained for digestion by naturally occurring bacteria, while wastewater is discharged safely.

This is all achieved with lower relative running costs and energy consumption, as well as being kinder to the environment.

Who should have a small sewage treatment plant?

Small sewage treatment plants are mostly used for domestic properties, plus SME premises or institutions where the need for wastewater treatment is low.

They are usually prevalent as replacements for failing septic tanks in areas where local authorities require greater ecological standards.

However, in certain situations, a permit is required for installation, such as proximity to protected environmental or conservation areas.

The easiest way to see if you could replace your current system or septic tank with a small sewage treatment plant is via a survey visit.

This will ascertain whether or not your property is suitable and if installation can be carried out without applying for required permits.

Want to know more?

Even if your property or business premises aren’t suitable for a small sewage treatment plant, there are still options available to upgrade a failing system.

To speak to a member of our helpful team or arrange a site survey to assess your requirements, please get in touch today.

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