A problem such as cracked septic tank pipes is not an issue any property owner would want to face. Avoiding the problem in the first place is always the best scenario, but, if it’s too late for that, they need to be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can cause a whole range of issues the main one being that they will leak dangerous untreated waste onto your land!

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Common Septic Tank Problems

How To Spot The Signs Of Cracked Pipes

Early detection of cracked pipes in your sewage treatment system is vital. Keeping an eye out for the following issues could help to save you money and prevent the problem getting worse.

Water pooling

Take a look at your land. Are there pools of water forming or is the ground becoming boggy? Could it be above where the pipes leading to your septic tank, sewage treatment plant or soakaway are? If so, you could have cracked pipes which are allowing the waste to escape before it has been treated.

Drains and toilets backing up

Are your drains not actually draining as they should? Are toilets not flushing properly and look worryingly close to overflowing before the water slowly gurgles away? Don’t reach for the sink unblocker just yet, consider whether it could be that there is an issue with your pipes. If they have become cracked, the ability for waste to pass through might be compromised. Or the crack might have even led them to allow soil in, and has subsequently blocked them. If it gets worse, you might find your loos and drains do end up overflowing, so it’s important to get them sorted.

Septic tanks or sewage treatment plants need emptying more frequently

If the pipes leading the waste water out of the tank become damaged, the septic tank will fill more quickly. This is simply due to the fact that the waste that should be leaving the tank, is not. An overfilled tank will have its own issues beyond requiring more frequent emptying but this could be one of the first indicators that there is a problem

Lush patches of lawn

Animal waste is an excellent fertiliser and so is human waste. If it is escaping directly, untreated into your ground then it is possible you might see patches of gorgeous verdant vegetation cropping up where the waste is feeding it. Although this may seem like a positive sign for you garden lovers, it can be a key indicator that your pipes are leaking beneath.

An unpleasant smell

If untreated effluent is escaping, it won’t smell particularly pleasant so sulphuric or other strong whiffs could be an indicator that there is an issue underground. A smell won’t always occur, and a smell won’t always indicate a problem but it would be worth some investigation if one appears from seemingly nowhere.

What To Do If You Think You Have Cracked Pipes?

Firstly, you need to ascertain if you do have an issue and the only way to do this is by employing the services of a professional who can conduct a drain inspection. They will use different methods, including looking in manholes, checking the septic tank and using cameras to see where they otherwise would not be able to.

In many cases, cracked pipes can be repaired or replaced, fixing the problem completely. For help with cracked pipes in your sewage treatment system contact the experts at Proseptic today.

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