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New year, new sewage treatment system – the signs you may need a new drainage system

new year, new sewage treatment system

First things first, Happy New Year from the Proseptic team! While the new year may get you looking at all sorts of fresh starts, we’re guessing a new sewage treatment system isn’t high up on that list.

If a sewage draining system has been properly maintained, it’s unlikely to cause problems for property owners throughout the course of its life. But if you notice any of the following issues, they could be a sign that it’s time to opt for a new sewage treatment system.

Less efficient

If you’re having to spend more time on maintenance tasks, such as pumping more frequently, then this could be an indication your system needs replacing.

An obvious reason for this could be its age. Was the system in situ before you (or even the previous occupants) moved in?

If the answer is yes, then good old fashioned wear and tear could well be the cause of the decrease in efficiency.

Low capacity

If you’ve added an extension or other buildings to your drainage system since you’ve moved in, you may have outgrown its capability.

It’s likely the system was installed to suit the expected usage of your original property, not allowing for more people living at (or frequently visiting) it.

You may need an upgrade to something larger or at least more able to handle higher volumes.

And beware of trying to force the issue – just assuming your original system will be fine with more could cause costly damage.

Pooling water

If you’re seeing water pools that weren’t an issue before, this could be a problem with your drain field.

This can sometimes be replaced without swapping the full septic tank setup, as long as the problems aren’t related to the age of the system.

Pooling water may also be a sign of a leak, which again may be fixable without the need for a complete replacement.

But the only way to determine for sure what’s required is with a site survey visit by a qualified professional.

Failure to investigate such problems could result in expensive repairs, structural damage and even potential danger to occupants of your property.

Do I need a new sewage treatment system?

If your drainage system isn’t old and doesn’t have additional load or major issues then a repair may be applicable rather than a replacement.

But ignoring issues or failure to keep up with the required maintenance schedule of your system will ultimately result in costly problems.

Be alert for warning signs like slow draining or bad odours – and make sure you don’t start the new year out of pocket because you were slow to act.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about your drainage system, please get in touch today.

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