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Severe Weather Disruption and Sewage Treatment Plants

severe weather disruption and sewage treatment plants

Storm Eunice has left a trail of disruption; our own Office has been left without power and we continue to receive a high volume of calls regarding power failures to Sewage Treatment Plants and Pump Stations.

If you too are being affected by power outages and are concerned about weather disruption and your sewage treatment system, please reach out for advice. Our teams are still answering phones and emails and engineers are available if required.

Sewage Treatment Plants – Quick-check

– Please lift the lid on your Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and check the levels:
your system may not have been able to pump out at the scheduled time so please be mindful when using your normal facilities if your tank is high. We can arrange tank empties if required or send an engineer to assess your system. The most important aim is to prevent flooding of the systems.

– When power resumes, we would expect the system to display an ‘overfill alarm’ (Solido tanks ONLY) this is due to the system missing scheduled pump out times. Please check levels again; if the level is not high use the middle button to silence the alarm. Your system should reset itself within 24 hours.

– If you are experiencing flooding in your area there is little that can be done but wait until groundwater levels subside. Tankers can help to reduce surface water or empty STP’s.

– If your system overflows you may be required to have your tank completely emptied and overhauled which comes at a price. A tanker pump-out, to reduce the operating levels, will save you time, money and stress.

– If your system is gravity fed, please monitor tank operating levels. Should the compressor, aerating the sewage, fail there is a risk that the plant will defer to working as a septic tank. However, when power resumes it should naturally correct itself.

REMEMBER: We are here to help. If you continue to have any concerns about the operation of your Sewage Treatment System please do not hesitate to contact us for support and guidance.

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