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Keeping Your Drainage System Healthy Over Christmas

Keeping your drainage system healthy over Christmas

Your wastewater system has had a great year – don’t let a festive family get-together ruin it!

Educate your guests

You know how to ensure your system keeps running smoothly – but that doesn’t mean your Christmas guests do.

It may not be anyone’s favourite topic of conversation at any time of year but it could be important to tell your friends and family what can and can’t be flushed.

Whether it’s an innocent mistake by an absent minded adult or an unaware child, you don’t need your drainage system to malfunction over Christmas.

You may struggle to find a plumber that can come out over the festive period, or at least could end up paying a premium for the privilege.

A good tip is to avoid the conversation altogether and simply put a sign in the bathroom to educate your guests of what can and can’t go down the toilet.

Prepare and be aware

Even if you don’t use them yourself the rest of the year, it may be prudent to offer facilities that cater for your guests.

A sanitary bin for feminine hygiene products and a general waste bin in the bathroom can cater for items such as wet wipes, cotton buds and paper towels.

If these receptacles aren’t available, it may just be too tempting for one of your guests to simply flush the problem away.

Be on the look out for warning signs such as leaks or unusual smells that could signal clogged or backed pipes.

And if you’re hosting a large get-together, it may even be worth considering a portaloo.

Your domestic sewage system was designed for your home and a certain level of waste processing.

If a lot of people are visiting over a sustained period of time, then a temporary facility could be the best option to prevent your system being overloaded.

Have a safe and sewage free Christmas

We’re sure that if you follow the above guidance and everyone uses their common sense when it comes to flushing, you should be fine.

But you definitely don’t want to be Googling emergency callouts when you should be enjoying your Christmas dinner.

So there’s nothing wrong with re-emphasizing the rules on what does and doesn’t go into the system, for your guests’ benefit as well as yours.

If you have any other issues with your system or would like to arrange a survey, please get in touch.

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