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Is Septic Tank Damage Covered by your Home Insurance?

Septic Tank Damage - Home Insurance

While it is common for homeowners to assume that their home insurance only applies to the damage caused to your physical building, many do not realise this insurance can often cover underground septic tank damage too. 

If you are searching for some more information about home insurance and damaged septic tanks, you are in the right place! Carry on reading to find out more.

What home insurance usually covers with regards to septic tank damage

Generally speaking, home insurance policies do cover for what is known as ‘accidental damage to underground services’. In this case, your existing septic tank. Knowing what is classed as ‘accidental damage’ to your septic tank is very tricky, due to its out of the way, underground placement, and this point often leaves homeowners confused as to what they are covered for. 

Usually, the following would be covered by home insurance on the grounds of the event being considered as unforeseen and unexpected: 

  • Damage to a septic tank’s baffle or dip pipe – these integral parts of the septic tank enable it to work properly. Sometimes, during the emptying of the tank, these parts can become damaged.
  • Damage caused from above ground – movement from vehicles like cars, trucks and more can have an unfortunate structural impact to both the septic tank and pipes. 
  • Tree root damage – structural damage to septic tanks and connected pipes caused by tree roots.
  • Cracks in the walls of the septic tank, caused externally – extreme pressure surrounding the tank can cause the fracturing of its walls. 

Damage to a septic tank in a much more tangible and physically impactful way is often a good signifier that you will be covered by your home insurance. By comparison, problems occurring with your septic tank due to negligence and improper maintenance is much more likely to leave you without cover, as it is viewed as something which could have been prevented.

What kind of septic tank damage is not covered?

While septic tanks have been proven to stand the test of time, proper maintenance and servicing is required to keep your septic system in its best shape. Home insurance will probably fail to cover your damaged septic tank if your system has: 

  • Failed because of its age – if maintained adequately, septic tanks can function well for decades. However, if you neglect to look after your septic tank, you are at risk of shortening its lifespan considerably. Insurers are not likely to cover you for damage if your tank has been left in a bad condition. 
  • Failed due to lack of maintenance – similarly, sewage systems need to be tended to regularly to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Internal issues which you ignore will lead to bigger problems, and these issues probably will not be covered by your insurer. 

As this damage is usually something which develops over a long period of time, insurers will probably question why it had not been dealt with through professional and regular servicing. This renders your claim less successful, as in their eyes, you will have had ample time to fix the problem.

Do all policies cover septic tank damage?

Even though we have only listed a few reasons why your septic system may not be covered by your home insurance, policies vary from homeowner to homeowner. So, it is incredibly important to review your policy to see what kind of cover you have. In some policies, for example, accidental damage cover is an additional extra and may not be automatically part of your insurance. 

That is why you need to find out what is covered through your own individual home insurance policy today. Failure in doing so, and relying on general conceptions about septic tank cover could eventually lead to trouble in the future.

How can we help with septic tank damage?

Here at Proseptic, our expert team are well-equipped to help you with many of your septic tank needs. Whether this be a septic tank insurance survey , a septic tank inspection or a septic tank replacement, our team has you covered (even if your home insurance doesn’t!).

Get in touch today if you’d like to speak to our professionals, or get a free quick quote here.

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