Help! I don't think I comply with septic tank regulations

Help! I don’t think I comply with septic tank regulations

2020 septic tank regulations

No matter what they are regarding, changes to regulations always cause panic and confusion, and the latest septic tank regulations are no different. They may have been in place for over 12 months now but we are often contacted by panicked customers who worry they don’t comply with septic tank regulations. If you’re in a similar panic, don’t worry, we’re going to take a look what you should do if you don’t comply and how you can ensure compliance with the latest drainage legislation.

What are the latest septic tank regulations?

In January 2020, there was an update to the General Binding Rules which intends to make sewage treatment more environmentally friendly. This stated that septic tanks that drained into an open watercourse must be replaced with a sewage treatment plant or must undergo a conversion to drain waste to a drainage field.

How do I know if I comply with septic tank regulations?

Firstly, if your septic tank was installed after 2015 it is highly likely it complies with current regulations. From this date all drainage systems were banned from draining into an open watercourse. Therefore, a sewage treatment plant should have been installed or a drainage field along with your septic tank. At Proseptic, all of our sewage treatment installations after 2015 comply with these regulations.

If your septic tank was installed before 2015, there is a chance it may drain into an open watercourse and therefore not comply with the latest drainage legislation. You may be able to check this using any documents you were given at the time of installation. However, if you are unsure, contact our experts who can conduct a site visit and let you know if you comply.

What happens if I don’t comply with the latest General Binding Rules?

Non-compliance with the General Binding Rules can result in some pretty hefty fines as well as damage to the environment. If you are worried you don’t comply with the latest regulations the best thing to do is contact a septic tank expert immediately.

At Proseptic we can replace your septic tank or complete a septic tank conversion in order to ensure you comply with septic tank regulations and are operating a safe drainage system.

For more information on septic tank regulations and how we can help you comply, contact our team using the form below. You can also read up on the General Binding Rules here.

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