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How to choose a septic tank installer

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We recently offered advice on selecting the right sewage treatment company and the same care should be taken when choosing a septic tank installer.

Septic tanks are less widely used than they once were in Britain, due to advances in technology and tighter environmental regulations.

But there are still some properties where the only appropriate solution is a septic tank installation.

Do your research

Let’s assume you’ve established that a septic tank is the best solution for your property.

The next thing to do is look into any prospective installation companies, including case studies of previous jobs and customer testimonials.

And of course, you’ll want to establish that their professionals possess the relevant qualifications and credentials.

Don’t just stick to their own website – any reputable business should have a track record of success on third party review sites.

Pay particular attention to how recent good reviews are, or whether the same complaints occur frequently.

And there’s nothing wrong with addressing any concerns during your research. If an installer can’t give you a satisfactory reason for poor feedback, be wary.

Trust your instincts

It’s important not to be easily seduced by a professional looking website and glowing reviews. After all, when people are coming to your property, you want to be able to trust the actual people.

Once you speak to the staff to arrange a survey or quote, you’ll gain a better understanding of how suitable they’ll be for you.

Make sure they acknowledge your enquiries, without bombarding you with an aggressive sales pitch.

It could be something as straightforward as a polite telephone manner, or a willingness to ask questions about the job that persuades you.

Added value

While some septic tank installers may seem similar, there may be some ‘extras’ that make you lean towards one.

Ask about other considerations that could add value or even amount to savings in the longer term, such as:

  • Free, no obligation quotes
  • Advice and support on septic tank maintenance
  • Costs and scheduling of septic tank servicing
  • Awareness of relevant, up-to-date legislation

Ready to find a septic tank installer?

Septic tank installation can be a costly investment, particularly if you select the wrong business to carry out the work.

By not rushing into anything and following the above tips, you’re more likely to pick an installer that suits your requirements.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements with an experienced professional, please get in touch.

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