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How Pet Baths Can Cause Septic Tank Issues

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If you have a pet, you will know the struggles of having to bathe them. As much as they will not like it, your septic tank will be equally as unhappy. 

Alongside other household items such as nappies, sanitary products, fats, chemicals, cotton buds and many more, pet-related items can also cause major blockages and damage within septic drainage systems

Though many people are aware of these human dangers, it is important to consider the effects of pets and their products on your septic drainage system. 

Cleansing Pet Products

Pet shampoos can contain harsher chemicals than ours, meaning frequent usage could potentially harm the bacteria relied upon to consume the waste product. Therefore, it can put your septic tank at risk of clogging and damage.

Similarly, other cleansing products like pet wipes are a nuisance when it comes to the functionality of your septic tank. Acting like baby or makeup wipes, pet wipes do not disintegrate in the way required for a happy septic drainage system. 

To combat these issues, consider either: investing in products which are chemical-free, or finding ways to bathe your pet in somewhere not requiring a septic tank for disposal. In the case of wipes, aim to use products like toilet paper which are much more friendly to your drainage system. 

Pet Fur

Fur, like human hair, also poses a threat to the performance of septic tanks. Fur can easily clog the drainage system and cause significant blockages

Whether you are able to frequently brush your pets, or they simply won’t allow you to go anywhere near them with a brush, pet fur of all shapes and sizes can wreak havoc on your septic system. 

Luckily, you can resolve this by purchasing inexpensive stoppers which will prevent the fur from being flushed through the pipes and into the septic tank. 

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