Sewage Treatment System: How Far Should It Be From My House?

How far should a sewage treatment system be from my house?

sewage treatment system distance from property

One question we often get asked is: ‘how far should a sewage treatment system be from my property?’ As with most drainage questions, we’re afraid the answer isn’t 100% straightforward as distances and regulations can differ with each type of drainage system. But, never fear. We’re here to give advice for each sewage treatment system, from septic tanks to soakaways.

Sewage Treatment Systems: Keeping Your Distance

As a general rule of thumb, all sewage treatment systems should be adequately distanced from your property. This helps to reduce any danger to humans or your property but also provide suitable access to your drainage system. We’ll run through specific distances for each sewage treatment system below.

Septic Tanks and Sewage Treatment Plants

This one is pretty straight forward. Septic tanks and sewage treatment plants should be at least 7 metres away from any habitable parts of your property to keep inhabitants and your property itself safe. However, sewage treatment systems should also be located within 30 metres of an access point; this ensures the septic system can be easily accessed for emptying, servicing and maintenance.


When it comes to soakaways, the distance between your property and soakaway is a little more complex. First things first, your soakaway or drainage field should be at least 15 metres away from any building and 50 metres from a water supply, a well for example. Under no circumstances must a soakaway be installed in any Zone 1 groundwater protection zone.

No part of your soakaway or drainage field should be located within 2 metres of a neighbouring boundary nor should any access to roads, paved areas or driveways be located within the area.

How to ensure the correct installation of your sewage treatment system?

The distance between your sewage treatment system and property can be confusing and, if installed incorrectly the consequences can be colossal. That’s why you should only have a drainage system installed by qualified professionals. Our drainage engineers are experts at installing septic tanks, soakaways and sewage treatment plants. We can therefore ensure the correct distance is achieved.

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