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How do you know when a septic tank needs emptying?

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Typically, a septic tank need emptying around once a year – although this can vary.

If you have a larger family or a lot of visitors, maybe this will occur more frequently – but be sure to remember to check.

It’s best not to rely on a reminder email – that’s fine for eye tests and car insurance – but this is sewage.

Be vigilant and avoid any mishaps by watching out for any of these signs.

Signs your septic tank needs emptying

Sewage backing up into your property

As unpleasant as it sounds, you’ll likely notice this one with your nose before anything else.

Bad smells should precede the appearance of actual waste, so you should be able to address the problem before it becomes physical.

Standing water near the tank

If dirty water is pooling on the ground near your tank, this is a good sign your septic tank needs emptying.

And again, you’ll probably be able to tell by the smell as well as the appearance of the water itself.

Lush green lawns

As strange as it sounds – although your household waste water is something you don’t want in your garden, plants love it.

Thanks to the nitrates and other fertile nutrients in *that* – your grass and surrounding plants will grow better than ever.

Which means that if you see such greenery – especially in random patches or out of season – it’s time to call someone.

Appliances draining slowly

Any appliance connected to your tank or sewage treatment plant may start to drain away more slowly.

If showers, sinks and baths are emptying (or toilets flushing) slower than usual, this is a good indicator your tank needs emptying.

Noisy pipes

This one is less obvious to identify – but if your pipework is gurgling or making unusual sounds, it may be a cause for concern.

On its own, noisy pipework isn’t a reason to empty your tank – but it should put you on alert for other warning signs.

Does your septic tank need emptying?

If you’ve noticed any of these – or something else that concerns you, it’s best to arrange a visit from a specialist.

Emptying a septic tank or sewage treatment plant requires professional equipment and expertise.

And of course, any sludge or waste removed needs to be correctly handled and disposed of.

To speak to one of our friendly team for an initial assessment or to arrange an inspection, please contact us today.

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