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General Binding Rules FAQs

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We often get asked an array of questions by our customers when it comes to General Binding Rules. We’ve listed some of the most common below, but, if we haven’t answered your question here then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01794 517 770.

General Binding Rules FAQs

What updates were made to the General Binding Rules in 2020?

In 2015, General Binding Rules were updated to state that newly installed septic tanks must not discharge effluent into an open watercourse. Then, by 2020 it was required that all homeowners must replace their existing system if it drains into an open watercourse. You can read more detail on 2020 regulations here.

Although over 12 months has passed since this update to the General Binding Rules, we know that new legislation can still cause confusion and worry for homeowners. If you are concerned whether your drainage system is compliant with the latest regulations, contact our team.

How do I know my septic tank was installed to the correct British Standard?  

Your drainage system must meet the British Standard that is in place at the time of installation. The current standards in force for new systems are:

  • BS EN 12566 for septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants
  • BS 6297:2007 for drainage fields

If you wish to check on an existing system in place, look out for the following:

How do I know if my drainage is the correct capacity?

The company that installed your septic tank should have installed the correct size based on the size of your property and the number of inhabitants.

However, as a general rule, for a single house with up to and including 3 bedrooms your sewage treatment plant should be designed for a minimum population (P) of 5 people. You can read more on the right size of sewage treatment plant for your property in our previous blog. Alternatively, if you are concerned whether your septic tank or sewage treatment plant is too large or too small for your property, contact our team and we will conduct a site visit and advise on the best possible solution.

I’m selling my property with a septic tank: how do I make sure I comply?

First things first, make sure to inform prospective buyers that there is a septic tank or sewage treatment plant installed at the property, the type of drainage system installed, its location and how the system should be maintained. You should also ensure there are no problems with your septic tank when you are selling your property and provide up to date maintenance records for your system if you have them.

You can read more about selling a property with a septic tank here. Or, if you have any concerns, contact our team.

How do I maintain my septic tank?

In line with the General Binding Rules your septic tank, sewage treatment plant or drainage field should be emptied regularly.

In addition, legislation states that your system should be professionally maintained by an expert company and any problems should be resolved as soon as possible.

To comply with General Binding Rules and keep your septic tank in safe working order, contact our team about our professional septic tank maintenance service.

How do I decommission my septic tank?

If your septic tank is no longer in use then it must be decommissioned to prevent pollution or harm to the surrounding environment. However, this must only be done by a professional company and should never be something you attempt yourself.

We hope we have helped to answer your questions on the General Binding Rules, but, should you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact Proseptic. Our expert team are fully up to date with the latest septic tank legislation and will always conduct all drainage services in line with current regulations.


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