What To Do About Damaged Drains?

Damaged drains can be a worrying problem for homeowners. And, if left untreated, they can cause further damage to your drainage system, garden or home.

If you are concerned about damage to your drains or sewage treatment system, contact an expert engineer as soon as possible. We can offer damaged diagnostics, advice and repairs across the South of England.

It’s also vital that you do not try and repair damaged pipes or drains yourself, as you could cause further damage. Our engineers will happily provide a quote for repairs and can carry these out compliantly and safely to get you back up and running again.

What Causes Damaged Drains?

Of course, sometimes we don’t know why damage to drainage systems occurs. However, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons for damaged drains below.

  • Tree roots nearby drains and pipes
  • Cars driven over drainage systems
  • Septic tank needs emptying
  • Foreign objects such as sanitary products, nappies or kitchen roll flushed down drains
  • Blocked drains, plugs or toilets inside the property
  • Old drainage systems

How To Prevent Damaged Drains?

Sometimes, there’s little we can do prevent damage occurring to our drainage systems. However, ensuring that your septic tank or sewage treatment system is in good working condition is a good place to start.

At Proseptic we offer regular septic tank maintenance and servicing to keep your drainage system in good working order and prevent damage. Our engineers will conduct a detailed investigation using the latest CCTV equipment to reach even difficult to reach areas. Therefore, you know any potential problems will be detected and resolved early to prevent large scale damage to your drains.

It is also vital to have your septic tank emptied regularly by a professional to prevent damage to your drainage system.

How We Repair Damaged Drains?

An in-depth CCTV investigation enables us to identify the best possible solution to your drainage problem. From here, we can quote and provide in depth information on the best solution for you. This could be a professional repair or a full replacement of your drainage system. Whichever option you can rest assured that our engineers will fully inform you of every step of the process and resolve any drainage problems with minimal disruption and hassle.

Our engineers can also advise on whether you are covered by your home insurance for damage to your drainage system, taking away financial pressures.

To find out more or to book a drainage investigation, please contact our team.

Benefits of Proseptic

No obligation advice for sewage pipes

  • If you have any questions, or are concerned about damage to your sewage pipes, please get in touch. Our expert, friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Fitted by expert engineers

  • Sewage pipe investigations and repairs are carried out by our team of highly experienced engineers. We pride ourselves on our customer service which is why most of our work actually comes from client referrals.

What you can expect from Proseptic

  • Our customers are more than a sales opportunity. We want your sewage treatment system to work for you. Therefore, we deliver all cracked sewage pipe investigations and repairs with longevity, quality and efficiency with minimal hassle.
  • We endeavour to explain all sewage treatment options to you. Therefore you can feel confident and make an informed decision, armed with all the information available.