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Can I still have a septic tank installed?

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Last year we provided an update on the current British standards for septic tanks, otherwise known as the General Binding Rules.

And while those are specific about the standards that must be met by septic tanks in situ, some people may wonder if they can have a new one installed.

The short answer is ‘yes’ but there are conditions to consider and satisfy first that may make you want to look at alternative options as well.

Can I have a septic tank installed?

Since 2020, the General Binding Rules have been clear on the requirements for properties with septic tanks that discharge directly into a watercourse.

You must either:

  • Install a suitable drainage field or soakaway so that it can be discharged to the ground instead
  • Connect it to a mains sewer
  • Replace it with a small sewage treatment plant

When you factor in the work, equipment, VAT if applicable and of course the septic tank itself, your expenditure for a new one will likely be in the thousands.

If you’re simply replacing a septic tank, you probably won’t need to worry about planning permission.

But if you’re looking to fit a new one, it may be necessary to secure a permit – contact your local authority for clarification.

Further permissions may apply in specific cases, such as over 2000 litres discharged per day or if your property is in a Groundwater Protection Zone.

And regardless of the type of system you have installed, some costs will be unavoidable, such as excavation works.

That’s why in many cases, customers are exploring alternative options to their existing septic tank setups.

Why choose a small sewage treatment plant?

As stated, you can have a septic tank installed, provided you are compliant with the necessary regulations and legislation.

But in a majority of cases, it will be advisable to install a small sewage treatment plant instead.

Operationally, these systems satisfy the requirements of the General Binding Rules as they stand.

And they’re also more efficient as well as being kinder to the environment, thanks to their superior standards of water purification.

Who should I talk to about septic tanks?

Ultimately, you may decide to opt for a new septic tank, repair of your existing one, or replacement with a small sewage treatment plant.

But whatever decision you make, it makes sense to be fully informed about the pros and cons of each available option.

To discuss your circumstances with a professional and possibly arrange a no obligations survey, please get in touch.

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