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3 Months To Go Until Septic Tank Regulation Changes

septic tank regulation changes - 3 months to go

It’s been a long time coming but septic tank regulation changes are now just 3 short months away. That means there’s only 3 months to ensure your septic tank is compliant with the impending regulations. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know, and all the action you need to take, to get compliant with 2020 septic tank regulations.

What Has Changed With Septic Tank Regulations?

To help prevent water pollution, The Environment Agency have introduced new septic tank regulations. Essentially, this legislation states that septic systems must not discharge waste directly to surface water but instead must discharge to a drainage field.

Since 2015, any new septic tank installations have had to comply with these septic tank regulation changes. However, if your septic tank was installed before 2015, it is likely that your septic tank may need upgrading to comply with the new legislation.

What Do I Need To Do To Comply?

Home owners have two options to comply.

Replace your septic tank

Sewage treatment plans are more effective at treating effluent. Therefore they can discharge treated wastewater into flowing water or a drain field meaning that they comply with 2020 septic tank regulations.

2020 septic tank regulations

Install a soakaway system

2020 septic tank regulations

A soakaway system takes the waste from your septic tank and discharges it safely into the ground, hence helping your old septic tank to comply.

Thinking Of Selling Up?

If you’re thinking of selling your property, you must replace an old septic tank with a compliant system before selling your home. And, remember, you must give details of your septic system to any potential buyers.

The Countdown Is On

As the 2020 deadline looms, homeowners are becoming increasingly concerned with the imminent regulation changes. At Proseptic we can offer impartial, expert advice on your septic system and the upcoming regulations, as well as carrying out fully compliant septic tank conversions or replacements.

Meanwhile, with septic tank regulation changes only 3 months away, drainage companies are becoming increasingly busy as we help homeowners to comply. Plus, with the Christmas holidays and poor weather conditions on the horizon, project turnaround can be extended, reducing engineer availability. Therefore, it is vital that you get in touch with an expert drainage company, such as Proseptic, sooner rather than later to ensure we can help your septic system comply before the deadline.

Call us on 01794 517 770 or contact us for help with septic tank regulation changes.

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