WTE LTD Septic Tanks Installation & Maintenance

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At Proseptic, we only work with reliable septic tank suppliers who will provide the best products to our customers. Therefore we have chosen to work with WTE LTD Septic Tanks. Below are just some of the advantages of working with WTE LTD.

  • WTE tanks produce extremely clean effluent – up to 98.9% pollutant reduction
  • These tanks offer the lowest electricity consumption of any electric plant – from only £25/year. The electrical plant has no need to run continuously which saves you money.
  • Odourless – aerobic digestion means less noxious smells.
  • One-piece tank construction, opposed to sectional designs, these single section septic tanks are less likely to leak.
  • Very small size; this makes this system great for smaller properties and spaces.
  • Unique debris screen – The Vibro-Screen™ keeps non-flushable matter such as tampons, wipes, etc. out of the plant whilst letting organic solids through. This reduces the risk of accidental blockages.
  • Recycles its own waste products reducing sludge removal.

WTE LTD Septic Tanks and Systems

FALCON™ Biodigester Sewage Treatment Systems

Designed for use where the installation of a septic tank is either unacceptable or impractical and a connection to the main sewer impossible. These plants are particularly useful for situations where intermittent flow, very low flow and seasonal fluctuating flow rates cause serious problems for other sewage treatment systems. The FALCON™ has a unique recycling system which balances the flow in these situations.

BioKube septic tank conversion unit

The BioKube sewage treatment plant and septic tank conversion system is a guaranteed, certified Domestic wastewater treatment system that is also capable of a high level of phosphate reduction. The system solves septic tanks, soakaway and drainage field problems by treating the effluent to produce highly cleaned drainage. Designed and manufactured in Denmark, the BioKube is one of the best on the market and cleans final effluent to twice the UK normal requirements to 10BOD:15SS:5NH3
All BioKube units are designed to follow a septic tank – which can be an existing one or included as part of an upgrade.

WTE Septic Tanks

WTE 10-person storage tanks available, contact us for free advice on which components are best suited to your needs.

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